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The Mantra Toolkit: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

Dhan dhan ram das gur jin syreaa tinai savaari-aa

Pooree ho-ee karaamaat aap sirjanhaarai dhaari-aa

Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kar namaskaari-aa

Atal athaaho atol too(n) tayraa ant na paaraavaarl-aa

Jlnee too(n) sayvee-aa bhaa-o kar say tudh paar utaarl-aa

Lab lobh kaam krodh moho maar kadhay tudh saparvaarl-aa

Dhan so tayraa thaan hai sach tayraa palskaari-aa

Naanaak too(n} lehnaa too(n) hai gur amar too(n} veechaarl-aa

Gur dithaa taa(n} man saadhaari-aa


Blessed, blessed is Guru Ram Das; the One who created you has also exalted You.
Perfect is Your miracle; the Creator has installed You on a throne. 
Sikhs as well as all Conscious people recognize You because you manifest the Creator. 
You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable; You have no end or limitation. 
You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable; 
Those who serve You with love are carried across the sea of existence.
The five obstacles of lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment:
You have beaten them and driven them out.
Blessed is Your realm, and True is Your magnificent glory. 
You are Nanak, You are Angad, and You are Amar Das; 
When I recognize You, my soul is comforted.

This is the mantra for miracles where the impossible becomes possible. When life seems stuck, praise the domain of Guru Ram Das, the realm of the true Reality, the realm of the heart, of the Neutral Mind, where all things become pure.

There are numerous stories about how reciting this shabad has brought a miraculous intervention to seemingly hopeless personal situations. Thousands of people around the world call on the miracle of Guru Ram Das through the power of the Naad in the words of this shabad and through prayerful intention.

"This shabad has been sung at least once a day in the Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar for over 400 years. One can often hear the words of this shabad on the lips of people in and around the Harimandir Sahib. There are numerous stories about how the reciting of this shabad has brought a miraculous intervention to seemingly hopeless personal situations." Sikh Dharma International

When you need a miracle, call upon this mantra. 

Kriyas that use this Mantra:

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Guru Ram Das Birthday Meditation
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