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The Mantra Toolkit: Ad Guray Nameh

Ad Guray Nameh

Jugad Guray Nameh

Sat Guray Nameh

Siri Guru Devay Nameh


I bow to the primal wisdom.

I bow to the wisdom through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom.

I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

This mantra (also known as the Mangala Charan Mantra) clears the clouds of doubt and opens us to guidance and protection. 

Kriyas that Use this Mantra:

Meditation for Protection & Projection from the Heart
This meditation gives you an enchanting, magnetic personality. The Mangala Cham Mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light. 

Before You Turn the Key
This mantra can be chanted before you start your car to give protection while driving.