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Accessing the Kundalini Experience Outside of Practice

By Sewa Singh Khalsa

“When I’m with you I’m complete, I hunger for nothing. When you are gone, nothing can comfort me or remove the pain.”

It is true that we have profound experiences with Kundalini Yoga. We find deep peace, swim in ecstatic relaxation and lighten ourselves in reverent moments of profound expansion.

You have created these sacred moments; why not share them by purposefully integrating them more fully into your daily life?

Accept that your consciousness can serve you with repeat performances under your own direction. Then use your intent to create the experience that you desire at the moment you desire it.

You may do exercises that create relaxation in the body or you may access the deep relaxation of the past. The past doesn’t exist by its self; it exists only if you choose to remember it.

When you are in a meeting, you aren’t going to do yoga, but you can access the deep relaxation you have trained your body to experience so many times in the past.

Try this simple process to empower your love in the world. Open your heart chakra using the technology known to you (Smiling Buddha Meditation works well), then using your intent and memory of that experience, dwell in the energy of the experience at a time and place in the future.

Now it’s your choice; stand in the checkout line as you would have in the past, or stand at peace, with a glowing heart.

Sewa Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years and has been providing counseling to couples and individuals based on Kundalini and White Tantric Yoga technology for 35 years. He holds an MFA from University of Washington and has taught at Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University and University of Washington.