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The Aura, Emotions, and Food

Excerpt from Enlightened Bodies

The Endocrine System and the Aura

Talking about the Aura can get a bit tricky because the Aura is a part of both the Chakra and the Ten Light Bodies systems. And even within the Ten Bodies system, the Aura encompasses the energetic realms that exist outside of the physical boundaries of the body. The Aura is simultaneously its own palpable entity and the unique combination of these other subtle anatomical structures.

The Aura is like a lucky charm, drawing in what is needed in the moment and repelling things that aren't in your best interest. When it is strong it can extend out nine feet (three meters) in every direction.

When the Aura is weak, it's as if a layer of protection is stripped from the body. You might put yourself into compromised situations or give in to peer pressure, or be attracted to addictive behaviors as a way to feel expanded or uplifted. Unsheltered by the safe cocoon of your own electromagnetic field, you may seek the sensation of expansion in false circumstances.

The proper functioning of the endocrine glands allows for a strong Aura. This leads to a radiant glow, both physically and subtly. When the glands are at peak function, and the Aura is radiantly strong, others start to notice and respond.

Japa's Aura Story

My son is adopted. He has brown skin, eyes, and hair. My husband and I are both fair skinned with blue eyes. People often comment that we look alike even though we don't share a genetic connection. I believe that people see something in the subtle anatomy in those moments. They are seeing a shared destiny, a common Aura, and a family connection that is beyond physical. My child, his smile, and his spirit are deeply connected to us and it shows in his Aura.

Overeating and the Aura

Almost everyone has had an experience where they eat comfort food in order to feel better after a bad day. We feel uncomfortable, but also small. This small feeling comes from the impact of the emotions on the Seventh Light Body, the Aura, which consists of energy permeating and surrounding the Physical Body.

The Aura's energy is intricately connected to emotions and is impacted by the subtle exchanges of energy that happen while petting a beloved dog, walking down a busy city sidewalk, basking in sunlight, sharing a laugh with a friend, grieving the loss of a beloved pet, and yes, emotional overeating.

In fact just about any experience that affects your emotions or brings you around energies considered separate from your own, which means just about every human experience, affects the Aura!

When the Aura is strong and large there is a feeling of safety, strength, and power. A strong Aura is less affected by weaker or negative energies around it. The Aura may shrink when we have a challenging talk with a boss or a fight with a friend. These challenging interactions pop the energy bubble of the Aura, in turn leading to the small or desperate feelings.

It's important to find ways to regularly nourish yourself so that your Aura can be strong. Self-care, time in nature, meditation, and plenty of good rest is essential. Not only will you feel light and uplifted when your Aura is strong, but those around you will also feel an uplifting effect.

When your Aura is weak, it may be tempting to reach for calories and stimulants like coffee or soda to give you a temporary boost in energy. These kinds of energy sources lead to a false sense of expansion, and do not contain the vital prana your Aura truly needs in order to expand and feel strong. The pain of a weakened Aura is only masked by these empty energy sources that fill you up in the moment but let you down in the long run. The body has to work overtime to process the calories and toxins present in many of these sources of false vitality, which diverts energy that could otherwise be used to strengthen the Aura and restore the body.

A cycle of depletion can launch, which leads to consuming more empty calories to experience a temporary buzz of energy, and a pattern of overeating may develop. Masking your true energetic needs with addictive low-energy foods leads to a silent disconnect. Instead of trying to beat your low-energy feelings with questionable foods or other substances, consider using yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to connect to your true energetic needs and help strengthen your Aura.

A Strong Aura Leads to Healthier Food Choices

When depression, overwhelm, sadness or food cravings kick in, try some quick Aura fixers instead of junk food. These simple activities can increase feelings of safety and connection which will allow you to be with your experience rather than run away from it.

Some examples of quick Aura fixers: cold shower, Ego Eradicator, Breath of Fire, Jumping Jacks.

Enlightened Bodies: Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy by Nirmal Lumpkin, LMT and Japa Kaur Khalsa, DOM, available through KRI.

Dr. Japa Khalsa is a 25 year practitioner of Energy Medicine. Her dual degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) empower her consultations with authenticity and truth. She has a special alignment with women’s health and she supports all women to be empowered through meditation, yoga and the use of specific herbs to support a woman’s health through all the times of her life. Dr. Khalsa travels and teaches internationally as a Professional Teacher Trainer for Kundalini Yoga, as co-author of Enlightened Bodies, she brings an awareness of the human body’s potential to self-heal in her work.

Nirmal Lumpkin enjoys helping clients and students on their path to their highest and healthiest life. She currently teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in various locations. She is a Level 2 Certified Teacher (500-hr) with the Kundalini Research Institute and a Professional Trainer of Kundalini Yoga with the Aquarian Trainer Academy. Nirmal is an engaging and practical teacher and trainer specializing in Physical and Yogic Anatomy and Postures.