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Kriya to See the Inner Beauty

In Kundalini Yoga there are many practices which produce the state of union or ecstasy by combining the energies of praana and apaana at the base of the spine, and raising the energy up to the pineal gland.

On the physical level, one drop of ojas* is pulled from the base of the spine up the center channel of the spinal cord (sushmuna) and released near the pineal gland. This activates the radiance of the pineal gland which then interconnects the secretions of the pituitary and pineal glands, and in turn opens the brain's potential.

1. Prayer Pose

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and place the palms together, pressing the thumbs to the center of the chest. Fingers point straight up. Apply Chin Lock and, without bending the neck, press the eyes down to see the thumbs.

Begin long deep breathing.

Practice beginning for 6 minutes gradually building the time to 11 minutes.

This exercise opens the higher centers. As you breathe deeply, you will feel a tingling at the forehead if your posture and concentration are correct. This is the central nerve which will reflex into the pituitary gland. The eyesight improves, and all eye problems can be prevented by regular practice. Remember to build the time of the exercise slowly.

2. Celibate Pose

Sit in Celibate Pose so the buttocks are on the ground between the heels. Spread the knees wide and grasp the knees firmly with the elbows straight.

Rock the lower spine back and forth on the ground; vibrate the lower spine as rapidly as you can with grace. Continue for 3 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and mentally circulate the energy throughout the body.

This exercise opens the lower spine and stimulates the transfer of ojas to the higher centers. It must be done to create a sweat on the back and spine, and it's enjoyable.





3. Life Nerve Stretch

Stretch the legs out straight and reach forward, grasping the toes. Completely relax. Let all the outside vibrations go. Merge into the infinite peace and light within.

This exercise opens the spine. In relaxation, all tension that blocks the natural sublimation of energy is removed. It is a pure moment to sample your inner joy. It is the One who is sitting in you. It is you who is watching the One in you. You and the One are one. Relax into the universal spirit and feel the flow pervading through you.

Continue for 5 minutes.


4. Meditation

Sitting in Easy Pose, chant to the infinite ecstasy using any mantra that stirs your heart.

Continue for 3 – 11 minutes.

*Ojas is the most concentrated essence of nutritional substances in the body, roughly comparable to cerebrospinal fluid. It is said that one hundred bites of food will produce one drop of blood, and that one hundred drops of blood will produce one drop of ojas. You have a total quantity of just 8 drops of priceless ojas in your entire body.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

This kriya can be found in Kriya, available through KRI.