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Know the Unknown through Ever Conscious Prayer

By Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin Kaur

“Learn to call on yourself. Learn to be yourself. Learn to vibrate. That's one good thing we can all do. Then God will bless you in every field, whatever your field is.” –Yogi Bhajan

In this quote I believe that Yogi Bhajan is referring to a vibration or a pulsing from the soul’s essence. Japa is pulsing—repeating words, songs or a yoga set that trains the body and mind and heart to know the unknown of God, the rhythm that allows the mind to understand that all is well—past, present and future.

The unknown is brought forth in this way with complete confidence in the way God works. There is nothing that does not happen that should not occur.

Performing your daily sadhana allows you to become prayerful in attitude. Each day in every small act that you perform, respect that action with mindfulness.

“Prayer is the power of God in you. You don’t have to do prayer to the outside, you do prayer from the inside.” –Yogi Bhajan

For me, this quote refers to praying from the inside to the outside in all actions performed, thought, or whispered. It is a relationship of complete trust in the Universe and an expression of thanks to the Universe.

Prayer is living your life without anxiety or worry or being upset. It is when something happens to you and you allow life to flow around that event or that incident. It does not stay with you, eating away and destroying your peace. 

Prayer is knowing at all times that everything will be taken care of. It doesn't matter if your car breaks down, or the door to your house is locked and you need to get in, or the baby is upset.

If you breathe and know that all is one and one is all and don't panic, then the situation will flow smoothly. How? Do more than live in the present moment. Keep an inner awareness that your life is great. In fact, it’s beautiful. Every so-called mistake, tear, joy and love that wanders in and out of your life—is yours! Embrace the life you have by being thankful.

Embrace every incident and moment because you have been given a choice—to panic and think the very worst or to have faith and act, not react. At the very heart of your life is God and the pulsing of prayers can keep that uppermost in your heart and mind. It can keep you steady and on course.

Guru Dev Namo—I call on Divine Wisdom to lead me each day! This is the mantra to begin to know the unknown and have complete trust in your life!

"Everything about you will be taken care of. Simple. And once you start your day with something good and nice like that, then you will go on under that rhythm for the whole day.” –Yogi Bhajan

Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin began studying Hatha yoga and meditation in her mid twenties and became certified after a 10-year intensive study. She is a KRI certified Kundalini teacher and has been practicing and teaching yoga for 15 years.  She is a certified nutritionist and Master Herbalist. Kathe has become a Master of the 40 day practice of sadhana as taught through Yogi Bhajan and has written a book called Keep the Change, Simple Practices for Lasting Transformation