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June 2011 Numerology Forecast: Sparkling Spiritual Effervescence

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

The month of June brings a fresh new wave of energy to the planet. There is a sparkling spiritual effervescence now available to us, and we can use this energy to fuel our dreams and visions. June is the best month of the year for marriage, as well as starting a new business. Even if you are already married you may consider having an “Inspiration Ceremony” to rekindle the original spark of your commitment together. You and your spouse can write down 5 things they like about the other, and would like to experience more of. This can be as simple as, “Honey, I just love to hear you singing in the kitchen when you’re putting the dishes away!”

We are longing at this time for a greater experience of loyalty and physical presence in our lives from those we care about most. “Are you with me or not?” is a strong part of our internal dialogue at this time. Any lack of loyalty, or even worse--betrayal, will send sparks flying. The number 6 (June) is the Fire Element. This heat of passion can inspire a beautiful romance, or it can burn the house down.

Fire is very purifying, and you can be your own Shaman by using this ritual. Just go to the corner drug store and pick up a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol, and a package of Epsom salts. Scout around the house or garage and find a steel bowl or cup, as well as a clay planter base or 6” x 6” flat piece of wood. Place the bowl or cup on the planter base or wood piece for support, and add a handful or two of the Epsom salts to the steel bowl. Then add about two ounces of 91% alcohol to the Epsom salts, and light it with a match. Stand back, ’cause the flames will shoot up! Then, holding the base, walk around your home chanting a mantra which resonates with your desired intention. It could be Rakhe Rakhanhaar for protection, or the “Triple Mantra” for clearing obstacles and negative psychic projections. Chant the mantra while steadily and carefully holding the flame as you move from room to room. When you have finished, sit and thank your angels for their support, and ask them to help you keep your new energetic space clear.

This is a very powerful ritual which will cleanse a lot of negative or stuck energy. However, it is important to note that maintaining this new clear space is the other important component to your well being.

Have you ever played a board game like “Monopoly”? Most of us as children have played this game. The interesting thing is that as adults, many people are still playing games, and will try to engage you in their particular version of a “rigged game.” This happens in relationships, where one person will flip open the new adult version called “Manipulation Monopoly,” crack a big Cheshire cat grin, and say, “Wanna play?” After a few rolls of the dice you land on their high priced “Park Place” square, and realize you can’t afford the rent, which translates into the currency of their emotional baggage. Never play someone else’s game. Number 6 represents issues of protection, and our ability to recognize hidden agendas.

In yogic science 6 is the Arc Line, a frequency of white light which emanates from the forehead. The Christian faith refers to it as the halo. A strong Arc Line allows us to focus and not be swayed by someone else’s pressure or opinion. You will have an instinctual sense of what is true or false when your Arc Line is strong. It is important to develop the strength of your Arc Line now so you will be able to filter through the intensity of information we are all being bombarded with on a daily basis. Six is the third eye point, or Agia Chakra. Agia means fire. Our third eye needs to be strong and clear so we may rest in the eye of the storm and feel unruffled. A strong 6th chakra also gives us the ability to instantly know how to move forward through challenging circumstances, while gauging and conserving our energy.

I have used the word “energy” six times in this article, because everyone on the planet is now being faced with the dilemma of realizing they need to be able to generate their own positive energy field in order to be attractive to themselves and others. Joyful positive energy is a very sexy-cool thing!

In the early days of Women’s Camp in New Mexico, Yogi Bhajan shared many yogic techniques. One of the best that I can recall is the gutka. He explained that in the farmlands of northern India there was an irrigation system which also had a water wheel so people could easily draw water for their use. Sometimes the water wheel would begin to spin so furiously from the intensity of the flow that it would almost break. Yogi Bhajan said that the villagers would use a gutka, which was a wooden pin or spike, to stop the wheel from spinning, thereby maintaining the wheel. He then explained that our own mind can behave like this at times, spinning wildly out of control. The technology he gave to stop the negative flow of thought is the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar, to be chanted out loud or silently while focusing at the third eye point for five repetitions. Now you have your gutka!

Purify yourself this month with the positive polarity of the Fire Element. Cleanse your home and consciousness with the aforesaid techniques, and see the dramatic changes in your life as you are now able to move forward with a clear vision of the future. If you would like to experience the ultimate cosmic boost, head on out to the Summer Solstice retreat in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico. Six represents family, and you can be with your kindred spirits for 8 days of meditation, yoga, music, fun and really great food! I’m going… see you there!

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