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How to Re-Parent Your Inner Child

By Catalyst Yogi

“The child in us never grows up, and the child in us has a very strong creative complex. That is why when we are sure, we are not sure; when we are right, we are not right. Some people have no roots. The complex of a child is so powerful. About ninety out of one hundred people just crawl their whole lives whether they have the best or worst environments.”
-Yogi Bhajan 7/24/96

Our child self is the holder of our creativity, joy and most importantly, our innocence. Our child self lives inside us and watches the words we speak, the actions we take and the thoughts we entertain. The child self does not see itself as part of us but see us as a separate entity like a parent.

So when we contradict ourselves like when we say things that we don’t believe or don’t keep our word, it erodes trust, and this in turn, alienates us from our creativity, joy and innocence. The child doesn’t trust us and can create emotional chaos in our lives in order to get our attention.

The child complex is rooted in our undigested emotional experiences from childhood. Most of us abandoned our inner child by the age of 7. as we’re taught even from the Bible that there is a time to “put away childish things.” We don’t realize that our inner child is still lives within us calling for our attention in the form of painful emotions.

The language of the inner child is not through words and concepts but through emotions. And the power of this child is enormous in that she can create situations in your life that perfectly mimic the same emotional content that you felt in childhood but couldn’t express!

For example, at a young age your parents may have left you alone with an abusive relative. This trauma creates a deep fear of abandonment that follows you into adulthood. As an adult you may attract money problems even though you are practicing prosperity meditations, reciting affirmations and visualizing your dream.

One part of you wants to move forward but there seems to be a huge block that you can’t see. As a result, these money problems can make you feel frustrated, powerless and afraid. You may feel abandoned by God. Is it really about the money? No, it’s about the emotional content of your present experience that is mimicking your undigested experience from the past. This is your Inner Child calling for your attention through feelings of frustration, powerlessness and fear—the same feelings you had during the childhood trauma.

This is your Inner Child calling you through feeling afraid, angry, frustrated and alone. So what do you do, you may ask. You have to re-parent yourself. Start by not continuing to abandon yourself by staying busy, using a substance or anything else that keeps you from feelings.

If you are feeling afraid of the future, then imagine that your inner child is in front of you feeling what you are feeling. How would you behave? You would be fully present and provide comfort. You would allow the child to feel the fear all the way through without distraction or judgment. How do you know you are done? You’ll have a big cry. These are the tears the child never got to shed in childhood.

This is the signal that another part of your child self has been integrated within you, which brings more of your consciousness into form. In other words, you feel more joy, peace and creativity. The quality of your thinking changes from limitation to a more creative optimistic mind set. And you stop attracting money problems because the child doesn’t need to call you in this way anymore.

In the Aquarian Age, we are called to trust in God again, like when we were children. Remember, children are born innocent—you were born innocent and this is our true strength and power. We must reclaim this innocence that our inner child is holding for us by being an attentive and wise nurturing parent.

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