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Global Teacher Council Experience

A letter from second-time attendee, Har Sukh Kaur.

I’ve been coming to Summer Solstice for four years and this year was the best, simply because the Global Teachers Council meeting was an amazing place to connect and feel a part of the global teaching community. It’s my second time participating in the Global Teachers Council annual meeting as the serving representative of Australia. Our Kundalini Yoga community in Australia is young, fresh, vibrant, growing faster exponentially, and yet we are just learning how to become and unite as a true Aquarian community.

We are all affected by the great shift and change that the Age of Aquarius has brought forth, and it was so wonderful to sit together for two days and realize how many communities around the world are going through similar challenging situations. I felt the support of the established communities in Mexico, and Italy fosters the foundations of the newer communities forming in Asia and Australia, giving us helpful advice and direction.

I am excited by the amount of work we managed to initiate from the agenda. I feel the Shakti energy of the GTC rising into action in the next twelve months. It’s an amazing time to be a part of the local community and the global community all at once. The time is now.

I love how the Global Teachers Council is a representation of the young eagerness of newer members like myself and the senior established members such as Sadhana Singh from Italy and Sat Tara Singh Khalsa from Mexico.

The annual meeting is a critical time for the Global Teachers Council. For the two meeting days, we are in physical presence, working as one body, creativity flowing, mind storming and structuring the actions for the next twelve months. I sincerely hope to meet all of the GTC members in the coming years and feel the close connection as brothers and sisters in diversity but as ONE entity.

I would like to thank Guruka Kaur and Guruparkash Kaur for working so earnestly with us, through all the difficult time zone scheduling and holding the space of the GTC together.

The annual meeting is a mutual exchange of love, inspiration, support, hard work and is of utmost importance as each and every one of us represents a connection and the voices of Kundalini Yoga Teachers out there in our representative region.