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The Global Seva Project is ready for you!

You can now log your seva hours on and help us reach our goal of 108,000 hours!  Anytime you give selflessly from the heart, ie: teach a free Kundalini Yoga class to kids or seniors,etc, serve meals to the under served, volunteer at an animal shelter, engage in any random acts of kindness, the list goes on and on, you can enter your hours and watch the kundalini lotus meter rise!  There are so many beautiful ways you are already serving and it's time to share your story and inspire others.

"LIKE" the Global Seva Facebook Page to see what others are doing and to post your stories and pics.

Need some seva ideas? Try this website:

Volunteer Match

If you know of any other organizations or websites that help one find volunteer opportunities-please share!


And here is a great article on seva by Hari Kaur Khalsa:

Serving the God in All

One more thing...Check out the Global Seva Class Curriculum we used for the Kick-off event.

Let us become forklifts for each other and our communities to better serve, uplift and spread peace!