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The Global Mala Yoga for Peace Project: Yoga, Seva, and Collective Consciousness


Bhajan Kaur, 3HO CEO and Shiva Rea, founder of Global Mala Project, at the Being Yoga Conference at Omega Institute.

3HO has supported the work of the Global Mala Project for the past several years and we invite you to connect with a Global Mala Project in your area to work for peace and interact with other service-oriented yogis.


The Global Mala Yoga for Peace Project serves to unite yoga communities on every continent and from every tradition by gathering together with mantras, kriyas, kirtan, or any yogic practices based on the sacred cycle of 108, forming a mala of collective consciousness and call to action around the Earth. Join in on September 18 - 19, the Fall Equinox, as the yoga world honors and unites with the UN International Peace Day.

Yogis in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and many other cities worldwide will come together in yoga, live music, and fellowship to create the peace they wish to experience in the world.

“With the rising threat of Global Warming, the illusion of separateness is dissolving around the world,” said Shiva Rea, yoga teacher and catalyst for the Global Mala Project. “Yoga is one of the few common denominators for millions of people around the world; together we are creating a circle around the Earth and dedicating our energy to peace.”

Yoga centers and individuals can offer a form of their yogic tradition and inspiration:



  • 108 Sun Salutations (or variations of 27, 56)



  • 108 repetitions of a mantra



  • 108 minutes of meditation, kirtan, or movement meditation



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