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Sacred Circles Serving Spirit

NorCal Women’s Camp, Northern California, USA

Among the majestic redwoods, in the lap of the mountains of Northern California, there is a group of women who hold a vision of reaching their excellence and being the light of change and elevation for their families, their communities, and the world. They are NorCal Women’s Camp (NCWC).

Inspired at the International Women In Training Camp in September 2003, the first NorCal Women’s Camp took place in January 2004. It came together without the use of email, landline phones, or faxes, with only a “bag phone[1]” for communicating. Through the Grace of God, 40 ladies gathered and requested another weekend the following year.

In 2009, the NorCal Women’s Camp Council was formed to enable the continuation of this annual tradition.  There is strength in the group energy that has been created by the NCWC Council—the dedication and service of each member has manifested this camp---a sacred circle of women. The camp is run from an Aquarian spirit and each woman who attends is nurtured, honored, and uplifted through the experience of co-creating that sacred circle. You can feel the smiles of Yogi Bhajan each minute.

In January 2011, NorCal Women’s Camp Council hosted their 8th annual camp: Living Joyously in the Authentic Self. They created such a beauty, such a sacred space, it created one heart beat and one rhythm in which we recognized the other as self, and all of us worthy of living joyously.  We took turns learning and teaching, laughing and crying, safe in the cradle of the women’s teachings.

On the heels of the New Year we set our projection, intention, and prayer to actualize our vision in this new cycle. Each moment was vast and full.  We shared the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan; smiled and sweated daily with kriyas, bhangra, and meditations for women; and explored through activities and games our real and ideal selves.  We learned about the 11 moon centers of a woman and the asset we have in our ability to be constantly changing like the phases of the moon. We focused on evolving the authentic self while discovering all the lotus petals of our being, including our strengths and our challenges. As Yogi Bhajan says ‘between your strengths and weaknesses is the real you.’

These are challenging and turbulent times causing crisis in many lives, and the lives of women who come to camp are no exception. The four day immersion in yogic technology and the tangible support of a living community of women allows them to meet these challenges with courage, grace, and grit.

During the camp a significant guiding phrase was offered from Yogi Bhajan “You must appreciate your misery, no matter how painful it is. The moment you start appreciating misery it will run away.... Misery doesn’t need appreciation.... The purpose of misery is to put you through pain. As soon as you start appreciating misery, its purpose is lost.”  How powerful is that!  Who wants to love their misery? But the power of appreciating exactly where we are is potent and initiates the profound internal transformation that is a pre-requisite to manifesting the changes we envision.

If you are looking for an opportunity to explore the Woman’s Teachings as taught by Yogi Bhajan and practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation in the sweet and safe embrace of a vibrant 3HO community, this is the place for you. The sisterhood that we develop from immersion in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan together stays with us the rest of the year. We leave camp empowered with so many ways to take our yoga "off the mat" and share it with others in our daily lives. Put it on your calendar for next year and join us in ushering in the Aquarian Age!

In endless gratitude to Yogi Bhajan who offered such timeless, priceless teachings to women so that we may all live more joyously in the Authentic Self and just be WOMAN!

The 9th annual NorCal Women’s Camp will be held January 5 - 8, 2012

Contributors to this article are Pritpal Kaur Khalsa, Panch Nishan Kaur Khalsa and NorCal Women's Camp Council. Photos by Rosa Rashall.

[1] A bag phone is an old-style cell phone with a larger battery and antenna. It is higher powered so it works better in the remote areas where we live.