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Kundalini Yoga in Chilean Schools

By Anantbir Singh

While at the Chilean Yoga Festival Guruka Kaur connected with Anantbir Singh, Director of Agni Yoga, Chile. The team at Agni Yoga is beginning a pilot project to bring the experience of Kundalini Yoga to poor public schools within the country. See the official (English translation) Proposal below. Hope it serves to inspire you!


1. Background

After a first experience of Kundalini Yoga practice in a school with children aged 6, 10 and 12 years from Pudahuel, a poor municipality in the metropolitan region of Chile, in the last months of 2011, the Municipality decided to include  Kundalini Yoga in all public educational institutions in the district in 2012.

The 2011 experience was developed in preschool children, first, fourth and eighth grade. This time, it will serve approximately 5000 children. It will serve students to levels first, second, third and fourth grade in a compulsory way and in the form of workshops for older students.

Local population is mostly poor. School teachers must deal with drug addiction, violence, bullying, among others.

Given this opportunity, we want to produce a document that takes account of the benefits achieved with Kundalini Yoga in children and in this way expand their practice throughout Chile and abroad.

2. Main goal

To assess the effects of the practice of Kundalini Yoga in children attending public educational institutions of a poor municipality in Chile.

These effects are related to changes that may occur in the field of:

• Self-esteem

• School Performance

• Levels of conflict and violence within the school

• Behavior of students in school

• Others

3. Metodología

Se aplicará una batería de instrumentos de indagación cualitativos y cuantitativos tendientes a medir el desempeño de indicadores predefinidos.  Esta medición se realizará al inicio, durante y al final de la experiencia.

The main instruments are:

• Interviews with students

• Interviews with teachers

• Test to measure self-esteem and other psycho-cognitive

• Measurement of the evolution of student scores in the class books

• Measuring the number and type of endorsements student behavior

• Comparison of results with other establishments of a similar municipality, where it is not practiced Kundalini Yoga.

Note: The application of all these instruments depend on the economic resources obtained.

4. Products

    • A publication in Spanish and English that sets out the main results of the evaluation
    • A synthetic version of the results to be published in newsletters and other

This product is expected to spread in the municipalities of Chile, national authorities and other countries, in order to promote the spread of the practice of Kundalini Yoga in other schools around the country and other nations.

5. Professional Team

It is composed of professionals with experience in project evaluation and practice of Kundalini Yoga.

• Guillermo Dascal. Expert evaluation. instructor KY

• Jorge Castillo. Sociologist. Master of Science in Education with expertise in assessment and educational projects. instructor KY

• An educational psychologist

• A statistic - computer

• One or two assistants (students of sociology or similar)

El equipo estará conducido por Guillermo Dascal y Jorge Castillo

6. The evaluation will last 10 months, from March 2012.

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