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Journey to Infinity: Bachittar Singh and Sevak Kaur Travel the World

Bachittar Singh and Sevak Kaur are Kundalini Yoga teachers from Germany. They are traveling around the world asking the question, "What is your recipe for living a fulfilled life?" They have interviewed Guru Dev Singh, Gurmukh Kaur, Jagat Guru Singh of MPA, Shri Balaji Tambe, and many more. Here is the introduction to their story:

"Here we want to tell you a little about who we are, why we are on this journey and what our intentions are so you will get a deeper understanding about the Journey to Infinity. We are both Kundalini Yoga teachers from Germany and have been practicing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan for quite a few years now. By practicing Kundalini Yoga we both have explored and experienced a deep connection to our own infinity within – to the infinite space and limitless potential within ourselves.

We don’t want to keep this inspiring, transformational, and powerful experience to ourselves but we want to share it with you and spread it into the world! This is why we are on this infinite journey (that has no fixed ending date yet). Our intention is to uplift and inspire all of you to find your own way towards your own infinity. This does not necessarily have to be through Kundalini Yoga – it is just one way or one kind of “practice” we have been blessed to experience. In the end it is all about consciousness, about becoming aware of who you really are and what your soul is longing for in this life, on this world."

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