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Evolutionary Astrology for May 2013: Playing in the Field of Self-Mastery

By Himat Kaur

I invoke for us the great line from “Uncle Walt” (Walt Whitman), from his epic poem, Song of Myself (7): “I pass death with the dying and birth with the new-wash’d babe, and am not contained between my hat and boots.” Intellectually, we understand the concept that we are not the body. But deeply applied, what does that mean? What do we do with that understanding? How do we do something with that perspective to actually live our lives in a different way, a “better” way, perhaps a more “advanced” way? And what does that have to do with the Aquarian Age?

Uranus and Pluto in the 1960s

In the 1960s, we had a great period of conjunctions between the outer planets Uranus and Pluto. These two planets take a long time to orbit around the Sun; it takes Uranus about 84 “Earth years” to go around the Sun once, and it takes Pluto about 248 “Earth years” to go around the Sun once. Like their orbit around the Sun, the outer planets take a long time to move around our astrological birth charts. That slow progress means they stimulate any planet or point in our birth chart for a longer period of time. Longer stimulus means a greater push and heightened possibility of change, growth and hopefully evolution, both personally and for all of humanity.

Uranus and Pluto were close together for a period of several years in the ‘60s, and together they sparked the embers for a lot of change in humanity. Some of the churning for change was obvious in cultures, cities and nations around the globe, where it spurred definite human progress. Some of the stimulus was occurring far under the radar, below the surface of common, shared reality.

The Third Uranus-Pluto Square May 20, 2013

For those who are just “tuning into” the current outer-planetary climate, those same planets—Uranus and Pluto—are forming seven exact squares between June 2012 and March 2015. On May 20, 2013, we will experience the third of the seven squares. These squares are the first major aspects between Uranus and Pluto since the conjunctions in the 1960s. We see the evidence of their dance in Arab Spring over the last couple years, the Occupy movement, and other such societal impetus for equality and fair representation for the common man and the masses.

At a personal level, the evolutionary stimulus is just as real and poignant. Pluto releases unconscious material. Deep, buried pain arises with the potential to be healed; gifts long suppressed, denied or yet to be understood come forward with the potential of being “owned” and integrated. Pluto seeks to transmute limiting habit patterns that once served the soul to cope with pain, but which now only get in our way. As these unconscious habits and coping mechanisms are overridden, they release a tremendous amount of energy for living a vibrant life with deeper meaning.

Uranus serves our evolution by questioning whether we are fully and truly ourselves in the area of life it touches. Uranus operates through uncommon, unexpected, unorthodox and often uncomfortable means, challenging us to break through crystallized, limiting patterns. It asks us to overthrow anything external or internal that reinforces commitments, environments, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer fit for the soul and do not work for us.

Put Uranus and Pluto together in their evolutionary stimulus and we are in store for big changes, whether we like it or not, and whether we think we are ready or not. And the truth is, if we can recognize the changes being called for, we are actually capable of facing and embracing the changes that are needed.

Trivers’ Research on Self-Deception

In the June 2013 issue of Discovery magazine1, there is an intriguing article about the research of evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers, professor of anthropology and biological sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Trivers has done research on the human tendency towards self-deception, which the psyche uses for the benefit of survival (natural selection). ‘”Our sensory systems are organized to give us a detailed and accurate view of reality,” Trivers says, “but once this information arrives in our brains, it is often distorted and biased to our conscious minds.” We repress painful memories, create false ones, rationalize immoral behavior and jack up our self-esteem. We deny ourselves the truth.”

To cite one example of Trivers’ research, he told one control group that they were likely to be selected as a prospective date, and the other group that they were not likely to be selected. He found that the subjects who thought they would be chosen focused on the positive attributes of this person who might choose them. The group who thought they would not be chosen “spent more time looking at the negative attributes” of the potential date, “as if already rationalizing their disappointment.”

The article goes on to cite other research, but this one is a wonderful example of how so much happens in our minds and emotional responses without our full awareness or intent. Animal instinct kicks in to put us in an offensive or defensive mode, triggering positive or negative reactions without our conscious direction or approval of where the energy is going.

Cultivating High Aquarian Mental Faculties

Trivers adds, “We can choose whether to fight our own self-deceptions or indulge them,” as difficult as that choice may be. This is a high, Aquarian application of consciousness. The ability to observe ourselves and life around us from a dispassionate, detached perspective enables us to make purposeful choices that differ from what would have otherwise been an automatic response. This faculty enables us to observe thoughts and emotions when they begin, and to choose whether to let them continue unchecked or to gain momentum that magnetizes circumstances to us accordingly.

I want to again repeat the brilliant quote from Yogi Bhajan that I feel is so very key to setting in motion humanity’s progress towards anchoring high-vibration Aquarian consciousness as we steer the rudders into the beginning of the Aquarian Age: “Meditative mind is a mental capacity to catch the thought at the level of the intellect and to compute the consequences of the sequences which are being triggered by that thought. It allows the will to assess the effect before the thought becomes the desire.” (Dec 14, 1977) The application of high Aquarian consciousness allows us clear sight and purposeful choice of which energies we allow to take the reins of our attention and focus. Any thought, emotion or behavior has the potential to become a wild horse, tearing off in its particular direction like a hijacked carriage, with us as the helpless passengers flying around as the carriage hits bumps and potholes along the way. High Aquarian mind is like an evolved, experienced horseman and driver, harnessing and directing the innate momentum contained in our minds and emotions.

The Interplay of Mercury and Uranus

Mercury rules the process of raw sensory perception, the brain’s interpretation of that sensory input, and the auto-pilot responses based on long-worn neural pathways that represent our habitual, mental and emotional reactions. Mercury can allow us to perceive new things and interpret them in new ways. That is one of Mercury’s functions. But when a person has had enough experiences in life, it begins to feel like there is “nothing new under the Sun.” The “beginner’s mind” is long gone, and the brain “learns” by categorizing new input according to old, existing labels and interpretations.

Mercury has played a key role in many of the outer planet aspects over the last six months, and it is dancing with the May 20th Uranus-Pluto square. He is now asking us to consciously use our mental faculties in the changes being stimulated. Can we see things in a new way? Can we work to create new neural pathways in the brain? Can we avoid the grooved ruts of habitual reactions, and interpret or respond to things in a new way?

Uranus is often called the “higher octave” of Mercury. That can mean thinking broader and differently about things than conventional circles would understand or support. That can also mean unhooking ourselves from our own tunnel vision and limited patterns. Uranus dancing with Mercury does have the potential to help us develop new interpretations and responses. If we dance with them consciously and purposefully and frequently, we stand a decent chance of actually choosing a mental circuitry that is literally a “road less traveled” or never before travelled by us!

Breaking in a Road Less Traveled

Uranus in the warrior sign of Aries encourages enlightened selfishness, making choices that support our personal needs and evolution. But high-vibration Uranus can bring dispassionate objectivity to the mix, and calls for our enlightened, “selfish” choices to also follow Hippocrates’ dictate to “do no harm.”

The Biblical Ten Commandments have encouraged us for the last few millennia to deeply internalize the morals of doing “no harm.” Most people do their best with those tenants, but what of the natural and unconscious self-deception Travers has researched? If animal nature runs with instincts of self-preservation, survival of the fittest, “eat-or-be-eaten” hair-trigger responses, then how do we rein in our natural tendencies and move beyond that?

How do we become the puppeteer and the master of our bodies, minds and emotions, rather than a helpless bystander, in no more control of our faculties than a passenger on a runaway train? By learning to master and fine-tune the higher-vibration facets of Aquarian energy. The Uranus-Pluto squares challenge us to do just that. We can respond to the Uranus-Pluto squares by letting dark, intense emotions and triggered reactions break free like bats bursting out of a cave at night, wreaking havoc on their surroundings. Or we can apply purposeful self-discipline, self-awareness and self-control to lasso the instincts, thoughts and emotions that arise, learning to herd them in the direction of our choosing.

We need to walk before we can run, and that means gradually learning to check and harness the mind and emotions. As we master this over time, we will more actively and purposefully hone the vibrations that magnetize our life experiences. We need to evolve in baby steps, though. First things first, we begin by playing with and mastering our internal state of vibration, which is reflected in our thoughts and emotions and actions.

What You Can Do:

Conscious Mind:

One applied practice in our daily life this month is to work on observing ourselves from a dispassionate, detached awareness. From that place of awareness, we do our best to make good choices about the thoughts, emotions and actions we vote for with our attention. What we focus on naturally has increased energy around it, and creates a groove of belief and strengthened habit (regardless of the type of vibration we allow, “positive” or “negative”).

The more we practice this self-awareness, the stronger that “muscle” will be. Through play and practice, we are learning how powerfully creative we are. We are in the purposeful play fields, like babies learning to crawl and then walk, but our playground is actually the realm of quantum physics… and the creative facets of God within (Har Naam). Like babies, we don’t need to consciously understand the mechanics; we do not have to be rocket scientists or quantum physicists. We just need to start building our self-awareness muscles, like the baby strengthening his legs in preparation for walking.Our aim is to increase awareness of how our attention and focus allow momentum of a thought, emotion or idea to build. And to decide which ones we therefore want to choose and engage. And to then notice what happens when we choose one and let it build that momentum.

Yogic Suggestion:

If you would like a meditation to help heighten self-awareness and neutral mind, consider meditating with one of two versions of this mantra:

  1. Dharti Hai, Akash Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai (There is a beautiful musical version of this mantra by Gurunam Singh that I highly recommend. Available through
  2. Prithvi Hai, Akash Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai

Comments on this mantra from The Aquarian Teacher manual 2: “This mantra balances the Earth and Heavens. It represents the struck sounds of Earth (pritvi) and the unstruck sounds of Heaven (akash), crowning with the protection of the Neutral Mind, Guru Ram Das. (Hai means “is.”) This mantra can penetrate the cosmos, transcending past, present, and future.”


1 Raeburn, Paul. “Lying to Yourself Helps You Lie to Others.” Discover June 2013. Discover Magazine Web. 2 May. 2013.

2 Yogi Bhajan, PhD. The Aquarian Teacher. Espanola, NM: Kundalini Research Institute, 2003. Print.


Himat Kaur has a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Religion, and is an evolutionary astrologer. She offers private astrological consultations as well as life coaching, and can be reached at (813) 444-6285 [(813) 4-HimatK]. Visit Himat’s website at You can email her at: [email protected].