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Evolutionary Astrology for March 2013: Review, Remember, Reframe, Reset!

By Himat Kaur

In March 2013, we experience a cosmic repeat of major aspects that occurred in December, now in reverse order and with additional factors. Now retrograde Mercury joins in the influences to stimulate awareness and change.

Jupiter’s Dance with Saturn and Pluto

In December 2012, Jupiter was moving in retrograde (apparent backward) motion, and waltzed into a position of intense pressure with Saturn and Pluto. This has stimulated increasing awareness of ways we have been imprisoned in limiting mindsets, feeling negated, impoverished, controlled, undermined, and confined. The Saturn-Pluto sextile has been conspiring to help humanity see ways we have institutionalized limitation, become used to hardship and smallness, adjusted to being taken advantage of by others (often unconsciously), etc… We continue to become more and more aware of the ways and extent to which leaders—unquestioned and mostly unchallenged—have taken advantage of their positions, and implemented policies and practices, rules, regulations and laws that have kept us “down” in various ways.

Jupiter in Gemini has stirred our conscious awareness to see with clearer perception. During Jupiter’s retrograde period (Oct 4, 2012 to Jan 30, 2013), he turned up the sensors of our awareness of people and situations around us. This was particularly amplified by Jupiter moving into that aspect with Saturn and Pluto, exact December 20-22, 2012. During the Jupiter retrograde period, there was a lot of moving backwards, feeling stuck, churning the intensity of what was not working.

Now, we face that same pressurized aspect for change with Jupiter again, this time moving in direct (forward) motion. If we have been paying attention, Jupiter has been whispering in our ears to hint at things we could benefit from seeing more clearly within ourselves and around us. In this, Pluto and Saturn have had much to say, as well. How have your own thoughts been undermining you? How have your long-established mental habits been getting in your way? Can you see the content and attitudes of your mind that are no longer working? Can you see the way your relationship to your environment and life is not working as well as it could?

Mercury Retrograde Joins the Dance

In March, Mercury retrograde makes exact aspects to all three of the planets discussed above—Jupiter in its dance with Saturn and Pluto. This underscores the opportunity to uproot old mental patterns and integrate new ones. We are still dancing with Mercury retrograde in Pisces (2/23/13 through 3/17/13), asking us to unhook our mental habits and see if we can identify with a bigger and clearer picture of things. In addition, Mercury retrograde is dancing very near Neptune in Pisces, calling us to integrate as much pure, soul consciousness into our mental structures as we can.

This month, your big cosmic invitation, your mission should you choose to accept it, is simple, if not easy: Stand back and observe your thoughts, emotions and identifications that are clearly stuck. If you are brutally honest with yourself, can you recognize internal habits that do not reflect the truth of Sat Nam and Har Nam—Truth and God as your identity? Can you catch yourself in the moment of those limited thoughts, and see a ray of light visible through the crack in that old, internal position?

How has your current habitual foundation been limiting you? Maybe there are ways in which you’ve been feeling small. Maybe there are ways in which you’ve been puffed up, trying to feel bigger and better, but in the process putting others around you down.

We all have our different issues and ingrained patterns. This month, Jupiter’s dance with Saturn and Pluto, together with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, loudly invites us to do some overhauling of our internal landscape. And of course, what we’re doing internally applies to what’s happening in the global culture, as well.

Politically in the United States, citizens are becoming ever more aware of the difference in beliefs, tone and approach of the current characters in the two political parties and their factions. Jupiter in Gemini steps in like a powerful lever to pry open the shell under which Pluto and Saturn are uncovering nasty little games and attitudes and agendas. Jupiter in Gemini, if we can stand to look, expands our perceptions, removes the rose-colored glasses, and helps us see things more clearly. For the arrogant and self-entitled, Jupiter in Gemini can stimulate even greater mental arrogance and hubris. But if everyone can see clearly, the masses are not deluded by what self-appointed know-it-alls and control-it-alls are doing.

A Powerful Month of RE

Mercury retrograde in Pisces invites us to free ourselves from fantasies, delusions and projections so we can see clearly. If we only will, we can ride with Pisces to a higher awareness of ourselves, and filter our perceptions and interpretations through more unlimited, God-shaded glasses. We can infuse more understanding of God within ourselves, others and all that is.

In the West, we have a cute little saying as a funny joke on remedying sickness: “Take two aspirins and call me in the morning.” In March, every single night we need to take two Sat Nam’s, to infuse our being with that larger perspective of Truth. Then during our waking hours each day, we need to regularly take little pauses to:

  • Re-treat within our conscious awareness for even a few seconds.
  • Re-view our inner state and where we’re at mentally (Where is our current state of awareness being sourced? What is the energy and tone of it?).
  • Re-member the larger and ultimate truth of who we are (Sat Nam, Har Nam).
  • Re-frame what’s happening in our minds, emotions and environments to see things from a perspective even a little bit closer to Sat Nam/Har Nam.
  • Re-set our approach to be more unlimited, and implement that into our behavior.
  • Re-peat!!!!

And as it says on shampoo bottles, “Lather, rinse, repeat.” Or, as in Biblical symbology, when someone asked Jesus how many times we need to forgive, and Jesus replied “70 times 7,” which is to say, do it as many times as it takes to accomplish it! Keep up! Keep up! Keep doing it until your mind is permanently changed to that higher awareness.

Keep acting upon society to overhaul it; keep up, and don’t stop until things are different. When the old habits of thinking and emoting reassert themselves, keep acting upon them with all the “re-”s above. Most of the them are good “re-“s. Learn to love your “re-“s! Re-member, re-novate, re-assess, re-vise, re-mind, re-cognize, re-verse, re-visit, re-frame, re-set.

Make good use of your Mercu-RE retrograde, folks! Put a little RE- sauce on your limited patterns of thinking, emoting, and relating to other humans. Work to have a re-furbished social structure. How can you act upon that today? Have an incredible “RE-“ month! Go on! You know you want to “RE-!”

Okay, forgive my comparative re-ligion brain, but I cannot resist that great Bible phrase: Re-pent! Which is to say simply, re-think! From the Biblical New Testament, Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” My paraphrase: Do not stay confined and oppressed and small because of limited mental orientations, or because of any institutionalized, crystallized things in the world that keep you misidentified with being anything other than one with God. Re-pent and re-align with your Truth and your Source. Change your mind and change your life!

Suggestions for March 2013:

Say “Sat Nam” a lot, and mean it! Be aware of what it means as you say it to yourself and other people. Listen to it and hear it as you speak it. Take it in. It takes one second to say “Sat Nam,” and in that one second can you also feel what it means? Truth is my identity. Truth is your identity. Wah! What? Yes. Sat Nam.

It reminds me of the beautiful audio clip of Yogi Bhajan that Sat Kirin Kaur has in her recording, Mangala Charn of Jaap Sahib. He says, “I want you to understand it, feel it, remember it, repeat it, so that you can understand the unlimited God. You will become intuitive of infinity.” The Mangala Charn is the introduction to Jaap Sahib, a Sikh bani (prayer) which describes and anchors the vibrations of God. It contains countless descriptions of God’s attributes and actions… that God is (this), and God is not (that). It is amazing to chant Jaap Sahib with the purposeful, conscious awareness that you are not only describing God, but also describing each of us as one with God. So, “Sat Nam.” Understand it! Feel it! Remember it! Repeat it!

Every sign of the zodiac has its low vibration/expression and its God-like level of vibration/expression. Pisces’ highest expression is arguably the highest of all of the zodiac signs, when a soul is ready for it: Evolved Pisces vibration is about dissolving the ego, the small self, and ultimately the soul, into oneness with God. The ideas above are perfect ideas for this month to bring the highest Pisces vibration into the mind for a little renovation of your internal paradigm.


Himat Kaur has a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Religion, and is an evolutionary astrologer. She offers private astrological consultations as well as life coaching, and can be reached at (813) 444-6285 [(813) 4-HimatK]. Visit Himat’s website at You can email her at: [email protected].