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Evolutionary Astrology for June 2013: Exploring Worlds Within

By Himat Kaur Khalsa

Metaphysically, water represents emotions, and also the subtle, energetic matrix that connects us with ourselves (Cancer), our own unconscious and intimate others (Scorpio), and the Divine (Pisces). June is a particularly “watery” month: Astrologically speaking, we have Saturn and Neptune trine in two water signs (Scorpio and Pisces), with four planets forming a grand trine to them from the third water sign (Cancer) at different points during the month. Jupiter enters Cancer for a year, and Mercury pauses and turns retrograde in Cancer. That’s a lot of water! Read on for the English translation!

Recent Uranus-Pluto Square Reverberates

First, a quick “non-watery” note: As we begin the month, Uranus and Pluto are still close to the square aspect that occurred May 20th. Those who have felt this intense pressure will continue to process and integrate the growth and change being stimulated in their lives. For my yogi-friends out there, if you have been working with meditations to support these changes, it would be helpful to continue with them for a while.

Saturn-Neptune Trine This Summer

Meanwhile, throughout June and July, Saturn (in early Scorpio) and Neptune (in early Pisces) are in a close trine aspect. In popular astrology, there is a tendency to think of the “hard” aspects (squares and oppositions) as challenging, and “soft” aspects (trines and sextiles) as easier to deal with. But the reality is that all aspects call for integration of the energies those planets represent. Where we are facing facets of ourselves that are less than Divinely perfected, the soft aspects can be challenging, even as the hard aspects can be easier if we are consciously working with them.

So, how might we purposefully engage and utilize this Saturn-Neptune trine? I have written before about Saturn in Scorpio, asking us among other things to attend to the dance of energies between us and other people. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and hard work and having the self-discipline to do what we may not want to do.

In Scorpio—ruled by Pluto, god-of-the-underworld/subconscious/unconscious—we can also encounter “negative” emotions, those things that we don’t like to acknowledge in ourselves, that we would rather repress and push into the unconscious. Scorpio reveals those deep-seated issues, and Saturn here calls for us to apply self-containment, but also to do the work needed to make changes in our deep psyches and in our relationships. It is important to understand that if we experience uncharacteristic behavior in others, there is probably some processing in play. Saturn in Scorpio shows us that though we might think we prefer it, life is not always the calm, sweet, gentle, happy smile of easy times or of superficial pretense. Life gives us a constant supply of growth opportunities no matter who we are, and Saturn here has the message: If you experience intense things within yourself or witness them in others, stop the urge to repress it and let the process of catharsis and change happen. Don’t squash that process of growth, whether it looks pretty or is a little intense and messy. After all, if we can’t see the patterns and circumstances needing change, we don’t know where to focus on surrender and try a better approach. Life is less about What We Do and more about Who We Are when we’re doing it. And it is most importantly about the evolution of who we are. Nothing is sacred, and every bit of “junk” in each of us sooner or later becomes “grist for the mill.” Awesome!

Neptune in Pisces ultimately asks us to surrender our egos, our personal illusions and sometimes things in our lives that we’ve been attached to. Ultimately in our soul growth, we give way to our True Identity that rests with infinite patience at the core of our being. Neptune asks us to surrender what no long works for us, and we may initially feel like victims as things dismantle and dissolve, showing us where we need to realign ourselves.

This planetary dance may ask us to:

  • Dissolve what no longer works about how we have related to someone close to us
  • Surrender some emotional intensity (conscious or unconscious) that has been undermining our lives in some way
  • Use self-containment to surrender our egos and come to our relationships more cleanly and clearly
  • Apply self-discipline and responsible effort to ground a Higher Truth and higher perspective more fully into our relationships

However we experience the trine, we just might find that over the next two months a part of us is in the mood to apply some effort toward change (thank you, Saturn). The trine can help the integration and self-discipline flow more easily if we take action. I invite us to make good use of it and actively dance with the energy towards our personal and interpersonal evolution. If we don’t apply the effort in easy times, we are not set up as well to handle the tougher times. Our approach with a trine should be, “Great! Let me work on this while the energy supports really making some good progress!”

Several Grand Water Trines in June

While Saturn and Neptune are trine, in June there are four other planets moving into a trine to both of them. This is known as a “grand trine.” Picture a triangle, where the three planets have moved into position at the three points of the triangle. This is very amplified trine energy. We may experience an extra surge of flowing ease and integration of the energies. Or we may feel the urge to totally escape, avoid, and vacate our lives and our problems. (It is a nice time for a vacation!)

With these brief grand trines, the energy of the Saturn-Neptune trine has the potential of penetrating into our minds (Mercury), our relationships (Venus), our emotions (Moon), and our egos/identities (Sun). Here are the dates of exact grand trines in June:

  • 6/3/13 - Grand Water Trine – Mercury, Saturn and Neptune – Apply the above understanding to meditate and overhaul some out-of-date mental habits and filters
  • 6/7/13 - Grand Water Trine – Venus, Saturn and Neptune – Apply the above understanding to make some effort to improve your relationships (or to integrate some much needed relaxation!)
  • 6/9/13 - Grand Water Trine – Moon, Saturn and Neptune – Apply the above understanding to attend to your feelings and your internal state. Make some headway in transforming some of the emotional responses that are part of the biography of your life, historically or currently. Take time to nurture yourself and your loved ones, express more love.
  • 6/11/13 – Saturn-Neptune Trine is exact
  • 6/26/13 - Grand Water Trine – Sun, Saturn and Neptune – It is a good time to apply elbow grease to overhauling your identity. Beware of ego over-inflation. I am not my body, my mind or my emotions. “Hey, wait! Then what am I?” Meditate on the Truth of your Being, and the implications of that in your life. Integrate it deeply into your inner core and into the fabric and behavior and heart of your relationships.

Jupiter Enters Cancer for about a Year 6/25/13

June 25th and 26th are prominent days.

Jupiter takes an average of 12 Earth years to go around the Sun one time, so it spends approximately one Earth year moving through each sign of the zodiac. On June 25, 2013, Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer, where it will be until July 2014.

Jupiter’s influence is expansive, and brings hope and possibility. Jupiter calls us to adventure. He asks us to stretch ourselves into different experiences and explore territory that takes us beyond what we have known and what we’ve been, to experience something new. Jupiter likes to give a sense of meaning and take in a bigger view of things. And in June, Jupiter chauffeurs us into a year-long journey of expanding into the world of Cancer—home, family, the heart of our being, awareness and sensitivity to the outer environment, sensitivity and exploration of the inner environment, all that is cozy and heart-warming.

I will write about Jupiter in Cancer themes and invocations soon, but today Jupiter playfully nudges me to invite you to the journey and explore it for yourself:

  • What new vistas call us to the adventures of loving family and tribe?
  • What new experiences await, turning our attention to the need for nurturing and caring, for being sensitive and attentive to the needs of others and ourselves?
  • How might we expand our natures to be more generous with love and affection, to facilitate a sense of belonging and connection with those we love and care for?
  • How might we broaden our understanding and recognize our connection with everyone? Might our sense of tribe be expanded to understand ourselves as more alike than different from a larger family of culture, country, or humanity as a whole? Have the contours of our collective paradigm been too limited, and are they calling for a bigger definition of “us” that includes those we have previously excluded as “them”?
  • What meaning and understanding can we gain from witnessing ourselves, in ways that expand our concept of who we think we are, and what we think life is and what our place in it can be?
  • Can we go deeper and deeper into our exploration of ourselves, diving so deep that we experience the soul itself, in that still resting place that awaits beneath the waves of our thoughts and emotions, our identity and identifications?

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 6/26/13

Jupiter’s year-long visitation of Cancerian experiences is punctuated by the fact that the very day after it enters the sign of Cancer, Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of the Cancer.

The second of this year’s three Mercury retrograde periods begins when it pauses and appears to move backwards June 26th. It pauses to resume “direct” (“forward”) motion again on July 20th. Mercury retrograde periods are times of a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) mental retreat, reset and recharge. There is some level at which the normal pushing and external attention of our daily lives naturally gives way to a process of slowing down and recalibrating our minds and our internal filters.

When Mercury turns retrograde, unprocessed, unresolved issues left unaddressed the last few months, or perhaps longer, come back around. Things that need our attention—which we didn’t have time for, didn’t want to deal with or were unable to handle at the time—come to the forefront of our awareness and attention. Things that have been moved to the “back burner” or the unconscious mind may naturally arise to be dealt with now.

This Mercury retrograde cycle occurs in the sign of Cancer. Mercury—the planet of raw sensory-perception and processing of that data; the ruler of our established mental habits and filters (Mercury)—pauses to integrate and process in the sign of emotions, personal needs, sensitivity to the environment, and attention to the internal landscape (Cancer). It’s an interesting combination. We might find there are feelings, sensitivities, and emotional needs for connection and belonging, that have been out of balance or unintegrated, and which call for our attention and honoring now. If we have been in accomplishment mode or intellectual mode for a while, this is a time of coming to terms with what we really need at a deeper human level: connection, comfort, belonging, coziness, and to be embraced unconditionally for who we really are inside. The Moon and Cancer take us deeper.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer asks:

  • Can we apply objective perception to our internal state?
  • What is our internal response to our environment?
  • What is the feeling tone of our psyche? What does it feel like to be me in here?
  • What have I not given time and attention to within myself?

Life happens fast these days, and there are things we show up for out in the world that require us to operate on levels that have little to do with what’s happening inside of us. We tend in modern life to segregate our lives. It’s as if we expect that we should do, do, do “out there” in the world, and only when we retreat to our home space are we allowed to process and integrate the stuff happening in our outer lives. There can be an odd fracturing of ourselves in that.

But when we are in a time of Cancerian stimulus, and certainly with Mercury retrograde there, in our own private lives it’s time to slow down a bit and make sure we listen to ourselves. In cozy moments away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we need to love and honor ourselves and our loved ones with time for integrating our life experiences at all levels. After all, what we learn when we witness ourselves—mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually—gives us valuable information and a measure of how we’re doing with the process of our lives and growth.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer during a time when Saturn is in Scorpio, can help us really apply internal awareness of sensitivity and needs to our relationships. We can follow the breadcrumbs nearer the surface deeper within to the source, and heal what we find there… or revel in the glorious beauty we experience.

So, during this Mercury retrograde period, I encourage us all to take time to practice reading the meter of our internal life and our internal response to all events. If we learn to integrate our internal perceptions more regularly and in the moment, we bring a more informed self to our lives.

What You Can Do

I am inclined to say it’s helpful in June to relax a bit and let part of ourselves retreat from pushing so hard in the world, so we can experience what’s happening in the subtle depths… So we can experience the things we can only attend to when we slow down enough to witness the undercurrents and then consciously navigate them.

Many of my readers will be attending the annual 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in Espanola, New Mexico, June 21-29, where you will certainly be doing a lot of meditation and Kundalini yoga and White Tantric Yoga to leverage the energies of change.

As I meditate on helpful suggestions for working with this month’s astrological “weather,” I keep feeling that the best assistance for release and for anchoring higher levels of these watery things is a loving, sweet, gentle meditation on the simple Truth that holds us all: God Is Love.

Have a beautiful month.


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