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KundaLiving Webinar: Sadhana

Sadhana: Daily Spiritual Practice

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Presented by Kirpal Singh Khalsa, Ph.D


"I just wanted to extend a great thank you. The lecture was very informative and it was just nice to hear a lecture about sadhana in our living room. It made it very convenient. I learned a lot and started applying what I learned in my daily practice. I look forward to many more lectures, if it is possible. It’s just nice to hear about Yogi Bhajan and the daily practice."

"The webinar last night on Sadhana was amazing; so inspiring. The anecdotes were so entertaining and inspirational; and he picked out wonderful quotes from Yogiji.  He made Sadhana seem exciting instead of hard work!  I have a plan to start tonight; well – tomorrow morning. I find that I regularly wake up at 3:30am anyway; so I guess the Guru has been calling me to do Sadhana for awhile!"

Sadhana is the foundation of a spiritual lifestyle. It is the key to your success as a spiritual being subject to time and space. Sadhana will give you the power to be victorious in the challenges of life, the elevation to reach the heights of awareness, and the grace to do it all with humility and gratitude. Yogi Bhajan spoke again and again of the importance of sadhana:

“Sadhana is what nourishes you and makes you a human being, shapes you into a powerful, meditative, constructive human being. It is what you need most in life, and you drop it.”
-Yogi Bhajan

Join us for a presentation on the sacred technology of sadhana. Yogi Bhajan gave us the Aquarian Sadhana to carry us through this cusp period. It is powerful, it is beautiful and it works. As the Change of Age is upon us, as the insanity of the time intensifies, Sadhana will deliver you to your destiny. Whether you are alone or part of a group, now is the time to commit or re-commit to your daily spiritual practice. Just do it!

  • Learn how to pronounce the Aquarian Sadhana mantras correctly
  • Learn how to infuse the mantras with potency
  • Learn how to use the proper breath with the mantras

Kirpal Singh Khalsa served as director of Guru Ram Das Ashram, Boulder, from 1972 – 1992. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado and taught Kundalini Yoga as an accredited class from 1980 to 1991. In 1992 he was appointed Academic Director for Sikh Dharma Education International and helped found Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India. He currently lives, teaches and does sadhana with the Ashram community in Espanola, New Mexico.