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Despite our Mistakes Mother Earth Loves Us Anyway

By Catalyst Yogi (Haribhajan)

“You have never been told that your real mother is Mother Earth, who is actually controlling your electromagnetic field.”  -Yogi Bhajan

“You have to start your thoughts like this: “I come from the Heavenly Father to be on Mother Earth. She will nurture me and nurse me if only I ask.”
-Yogi Bhajan, April 22, 1997

Planet Earth is experiencing profound evolutionary changes as we can see with the unpredictable weather patterns, earthquakes and ice melting. Also through the solar flare activity, the Earth's electromagnetic field is rotating at a higher rate. The electromagnetic field of the Earth runs all of life including our human lives and we are undeniably linked just as a loving mother is linked to her children.

With all of these Earth changes, it can bring up ancient fears of survival because the ground beneath our feet is literally shifting and changing. However, we must all deeply trust in this evolutionary process as it unfolds because where else are we going to go? We are all on this Earth spaceship hurling through space at 2,000 miles an hour with no way to get off!

When you do not feel in synch with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, you will feel afraid and insecure. If you watch young children with their mothers, the child is like a satellite that orbits a certain distance around the mother. If the child moves past this distance of safety he/she immediately runs back to the mother for safety. So too, when we energetically move too far away from Mother Earth we will feel equally insecure.

We must constantly be recalibrating our energy to accommodate these changes to feel emotionally secure in the world. So how do you ask Mother Earth for support? You speak not with your words but with your frequency. The paradox of this age is in order to raise your frequency you must slow down. What are you really slowing down? The mind. To slow down, you don't need anti-anxiety medication, a technological gadget or a peaceful environment.

All you need is your breath and that is with you wherever you go unless you are physically dead. The universal law is that the mind must obey the breath—when you slow down your breath you automatically slow down the mind.

When you slow down you automatically synch to the natural rhythms of the planet, for Mother Earth has her own heartbeat. Science has discovered and measured this frequency and it is called the Schumann Resonance. When you slow down you will automatically synch to the heartbeat of the Earth which in turn allows you to feel safe and secure in your life.

It is only the mind/ego that protests that slowing down would mean you wouldn't get anything done, meet any deadlines and shirk your responsibilities. On the contrary, when you slow down you tap into your own innate intelligence which makes you more efficient with your energy. When you slow down the mind, you are more receptive to the intuitive guidance of your Soul. You will start to make smarter choices and actually be more productive. Also when we slow down we can have the direct experience of the Truth of the Aquarian Age – the doing gets done without us. It is an illusion that we do anything in life—It is GOD that does the doing.

So begin to receive the support, love and nurturing of your true mother—Mother Earth. Honour her spirit by slowing down and synching your heartbeat to her heartbeat to thrive in this Aquarian Age.

Catalyst Yogi (Haribhajan) serves to empower you to live as your Authentic Self and to deliver your purpose to the world. Visit to learn more about life changing on-line programs. He says, “My name is Catalyst Yogi because throughout my life I began to notice the pattern that great change would swirl all around me by “me” just being myself. I am committed to help guide people to live in the new age of Aquarius. I am also a trained Energy Healer, Writer and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Beyond all these labels I am just a HUEman (light projected through the mind).

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