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Peace Across the Planet

By Jaskaran/Lisa Gervais

I'm a Kundalini Yoga instructor and owner of the Healing Arts Studio at 75 Broadway in New York. I teach one class a week at the studio and we have many other workshops and healing modalities. 

I am also an Intent Holder for a project called Peace Across the Planet. As an Intent Holder, I hold monthly gatherings where we share Peace, how we create Peace and how we share this with our communities. We gather together to create the alchemy of Peace and grow the thought waves and frequency of Peace, exponentially.

We have an equation: one person holding the intent of Peace equals the thought energy of over 400,000 people. We work with Shiva lingam stones as Peace ambassadors. The stones help us remember our connection to all life, the elemental energies and how we are supported in this way by all of nature’s kingdoms, and that we are not separate from nature. These gatherings and sharings also bring awareness to how we as individuals can affect our world through our thoughts and actions.

I recently went to the Southwest on a Peace journey and personal pilgrimage. During the trip I interviewed people I met and posted their sharings of Peace on our Facebook page. I did email interviews, I took photos, I did audio and video. I will be putting it all together as a fundraising video for this project.

I'm working to bring a giant Shiva stone to my community and other communities, to create places of contemplation and relation to the elemental energies and nature kingdoms. We stand the stones up around the world; they are part of the crystalline grid, ushering in new models of society and the Aquarian Age. We have stones in the USA, Japan, Canada and England right now.

Sharing Kundalini Yoga and the many ways we create Peace is a part of my mission here on Earth. I feel gratitude and blessings for the Golden Chain, my fellow yogis, and this project to share my gifts with the world and help others remember their souls’ journeys.

Above is a photo with one of the Intent Holder’s Shiva stone in Tucson. The Shiva I am fundraising for stands in Silver City (photo below). It's standing with the co-creators of the project, Marilyn and Thomas Twintrees. They say they have co-created this project with the Shiva stones themselves, a true honoring of all forms of life and how we can connect with respect and honor.

Blessings of Grace, Wisdom and Peace,

Lisa Jaskaran Berkana Gervais