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Kundalini Meditation: Blessing

This posture is called "Blessing." This is how the Popes used to bless the people: "May the Jupiter energy as Guru, and the Saturn energy as Guru, be with you."

Part I

Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a very straight spine, chin in, chest out. Bend the elbows into the sides, and bring the hands up so they are about six inches away from each ear. The palms are facing forward, fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Make the hands into fists, and extend the index (Jupiter) and middle (Saturn) fingers straight up, holding them side by side.

Eyes: Closed.

Music: Reality, Prosperity, and Ecstasy by Nirinjan Kaur. Sing along.

Time: 8 minutes.

End: Inhale and move immediately into Part II.

Part II

Mudra: Stretch the arms overhead, elbows straight, hands in fists. Extend the index and middle fingers straight, and bring the tips of the index and middle fingers together, so they are touching. No other part of the hands touch. Make a triangle with these fingers.

Music: Humee Hum Brahm Hum by Nirinjan Kaur. Sing along.

Eyes: Unspecified.

Make a perfect triangle, and let the Almighty descend. Sing from the navel. We are chanting, "We are we, we are God." The tongue will touch the proper meridian points and create the result if you pronounce it correctly.

Time: 6 ½ minutes

End: Inhale. Hold for 10 seconds. Exhale. Inhale, and immediately move into Part Ill.


Part III

Mudra: Fold the hands in Prayer Pose, palms flat at the heart center.

Music: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo by Nirinjan Kaur. Sing from the navel.

Time: 1 ½ minutes.

End: Inhale and relax.


©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This meditation is published in The Master’s Touch.