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Bring Peace to a Chaotic World by Healing Your Ancestors

By Catalyst Yogi/Haribhajan

There is so much conflict and turmoil in the world right now. You can bring peace to a chaotic world by resolving all conflict within yourself.

If you follow the news it can put you in a space of hopelessness and despair especially when you see children involved in the fighting. Even if you don’t follow the news you will still be affected—why? Because at the subatomic level we are all connected—every single human being on this planet is connected to every other human being. So when there are large groups of people suffering, it doesn’t matter where they live, even if they live half way around the world from you—we all still feel it at a very deep level whether you are aware of it or not.

All of this death that we are seeing—death through war, plane crashes and other disasters—the purpose of all of this is that it is bringing us to into our hearts. What do we find there? Deep profound grief within the heart of humanity. If you feel electricity in your heart chakra, an overall heaviness, or a melancholy—this is the force of grief that is opening your heart.

Watch this short video to learn more about what is happening in the world now. The video includes a link to a meditation to Heal Your Ancestors.



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