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Company Profile

3HO is a non-profit organization with the mission to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga and a yogic lifestyle. We support our members to find clarity, confidence, and strength by connecting with their true selves, and to live fully and deeply by embracing yogic practices that foster happiness, health, and wholeness.

We provide practical resources for newcomers to help them establish a daily Kundalini Yoga practice, as well as time-tested tools to deepen and broaden one’s practice, and life practices to free oneself from anxiety, stress, and addiction. Together we make up a community of committed, connected, and welcoming practitioners and teachers who enjoy sharing, serving, and receiving support from others on the journey.

3HO International is passionate about building and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and equitable working environment for all employees. We believe every member on our team enriches our diversity by exposing us to a broad range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design and deliver solutions. We will honor your experiences, perspectives, and unique identity.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other protected class.


3HO International seeks a visionary business leader with a thorough understanding of nonprofit practices, a passion for yoga, and the ability to drive organizational success, connect global stakeholders, and empower high-performing, serviceful staff. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will oversee every aspect of the organization while serving as the Executive Director for legacy nonprofits IKYTA and Seva Corps.

Combining authentic leadership and sophisticated management abilities, they will evolve 3HO in terms of culture, relatability, reach, processes and impact. The CEO will inspire adaptation and ensure that 3HO is well equipped to meet the challenges of a changing landscape and advance its global mission in a way that is timely, relevant, and true. The full-time permanent position is for immediate hire and is remote, with need to be onsite for in-person events.

FLSA Status: Exempt
Job Status: Full Time
Reports to: 3HO Board of Directors
Travel Required: Minimal, but as needed
Positions Supervised: Bookkeeper & HR Assistant; Customer Service; Director of Spiritual Names; Events Director; IKYTA Manager; Marketing Director; Fund Development Manager; Seva Corps


3HO is in a pivotal time of expansion and change in its 53-year history. It is a moment of redefining and implementing a new way forward to serve the needs of a global community of practitioners, teachers and students seeking personal fulfillment and well-being. We are seeking an experienced and innovative individual to provide executive leadership and strategic vision to lead the organization in advancing its mission and impact. Working alongside a talented team and Board of Directors, the CEO will oversee new strategies for marketing, fund development, in-person and online events, revenue generating platforms and service initiatives. The CEO is also responsible for strategy and programming to serve the worldwide community of Kundalini Yoga Teachers.


The CEO is the top executive at 3HO. As an officer of the nonprofit, the CEO leads 3HO in developing the systems, procedures, knowledge infrastructure, culture, and competencies necessary to establish 3H0 as a global force in sharing the transformational practices of Kundalini Yoga worldwide. This job may require occasional extended work hours, including evenings and weekends.

Executive Leadership and Organizational Management

  • Provide heartful and visionary executive leadership that is inclusive, transparent, and supports and guides 3HO’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors
  • Ensure that the needs and interests of all members of the 3HO community are served pursuant to 3HO’s mission statement, strategic plans, articles of incorporation and bylaws, as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Develop annual and long-term strategic goals while driving their implementation
  • Present strategic options and plans for organization impact and gain Board approval as needed to carry out the work and mission of 3HO
  • Deepen 3HO’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion while working to increase access, representation, and diversify our existing teaching and practice community
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization and ensure its overall successful long-term operations
  • Organize, motivate, and mentor internal team leaders to strategically grow 3HO’s impact, programs, fundraising, and to effectively fulfill its service-based mission
  • Manage and motivate staff, overseeing processes such as hiring, separation, ongoing staff development, performance management, compensation and benefits
  • Model standard HR practice and policy while ensuring that the organization follows practices and policies outlined by HR department
    Inspire a business-oriented, professional, results-driven environment across the organization while anchoring the values of compassion, inclusivity and well-being
  • Foster a culture that embraces conflict as generative, encourages collaboration between stakeholders, and celebrates positive contributions
  • Assure the organization’s continued status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization


Board Governance

  • Maintain regular and ongoing communication to build strong relationships with the entire Board
  • Communicate effectively with the Board by providing members with all information necessary to function properly and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner
  • Attend all Board meetings and provide reports and updates on staff as well as all current work, project timelines, and project and organizational progress
  • Bridge the communication gap between the Board of Directors, 3HO staff and the global community they serve
  • Gracefully manage the board as needed to build consensus, remind of outstanding deliverables, and offer support
  • Implement Board policies and procedures and build support for Board decisions amongst staff


Development and Fundraising

  • Drive development and fundraising in collaboration with the Fund Development and Events Manager, leveraging the Board as needed
  • Work with Events Manager to re-envision the future of live and hybrid 3HO events
  • Initiate, cultivate, and extend relationships with 3HO’s individual, foundation, and corporate donors, along with legacy entities and nonprofits
  • Oversee 3HO programs, products, and services while ensuring smooth and efficient operation within approved revenue and expense budget
  • Ensure the organization’s financial stability and sustainability by maintaining healthy cash flow and adequate reserves


Financial Management and Administration

  • Provide strategic leadership and hands-on management for all of the administrative and operational functions of the organization
  • Assure financial and risk management, the safeguarding of 3HO assets, and allocating of staff and financial resources
  • Build and administer the annual budget, with Board approval
  • Prudently direct resources and manage all financials within budget guidelines and according to current laws and regulations
  • Assume responsibility for the fiscal integrity and transparency of the organization


External Relations and Communications

  • Represent 3HO International as chief spokesperson at public events, conferences, and partnership meetings
  • Present and promote 3HO and its mission, programs, partners, and members in a consistently positive but truthful and transparent manner
  • Acknowledge past harm to community members, and commit to ongoing healing and reparations
  • Manage all aspects of the organization’s marketing and public relations
  • Maintain good working relationship with the oversight Board, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation, and the seven Legacy Nonprofit Organizations
  • Assess trends and issues in the field of yoga practice
  • Maintain an understanding of the competitive and collaborative environment
  • Function as primary representative of 3HO in all legal matters



Candidates may emerge from nonprofit, foundation, government, or industry backgrounds and should possess the following:

  • Three years of prior experience as a CEO, Executive Director, or in a related position at a nonprofit, foundation, government, or industry
  • Strong business acumen and a history of providing visionary leadership at the executive level
  • Proven experience executing organization growth and leading a similar or larger size successful nonprofit and/or related entity
  • Proven experience working with and leading a nonprofit Board and working with diverse groups of people
  • Know-how to foster a culture of accountability, healthy work relationships and partnerships, and inclusivity amongst organizational staff
  • Familiarity with diverse business functions such as (Digital) Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Sales, etc.
  • Experience and success in motivating, recruiting, developing, retaining, and mentoring high performance, mission-driven, and results-oriented teams
  • Excellent written, oral, and public speaking skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with strong interpersonal and multidisciplinary project management skills
  • Accountability, adaptability, and ability to strengthen relationships across lines of difference
  • Willingness to lean into conflict rather than proselytize or attach to “one way”
  • Strong relationship building, negotiation, leadership and team-building skills
  • A bachelor’s or advanced degree
  • Interest in yoga and/or spiritual awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and conscious awareness
  • Personal relationship with Kundalini Yoga, ideally Level I KRI Training Certification



This wonderful opportunity offers the ability to chart the course for the future of 3HO and the culture of Kundalini Yoga worldwide. This career opportunity offers a strong starting base salary, a full benefits package, and a team-oriented atmosphere that is spirited, spiritual and rewarding. Starting compensation includes a competitive salary dependent on past experience, plus a full benefits package that includes a 401k, health, vision and dental insurance, and paid time off.


For immediate consideration please upload your cover letter, résumé, and three professional references using the following link.

Review of applications, nominations, and expressions of interest will begin immediately and continue on a confidential basis until a decision is made.

About 3HO

3HO International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing Kundalini Yoga worldwide. After a 2 year hiatus from in-person events that were a bedrock of our community, 3HO is seeking an In-Person Event Manager to envision the future of live events. We expect this person to play a pivotal role in expanding and deepening 3HO’s offerings, ensuring that as we reintroduce in-person programs, we do so in a way that captivates and connects the community. Our mission remains to inspire people everywhere to realize their potential through Kundalini Yoga.

Who We’re Calling In

We’re seeking an experienced, results-driven Event Manager to work closely with our team to envision the future of live events for 500 or more people. We intend to maintain the integrity and focus of our existing events while expanding our offerings to increase revenue. The practical tasks include optimizing event systems, exploring and assessing event locations, and working closely with the 3HO Events team and onsite Facilities Manager. We need someone that understands where we’ve been over the past few years, as an organization and as a community, with a vision to inspire the future. The Event Manager will work closely with 3HO staff to develop and implement a smart, relevant, inclusive, and innovative strategy for the future of live events. We are seeking a doer as much as a dreamer!

Is this you?

  • You have experience in the yoga and wellness Industry.
  • You’re passionate about helping organizations and communities succeed.
  • When you hear 3HO is a small, nonprofit team seeking fresh ideas for community connection, you’re not intimidated – you can’t wait to get started.
  • You’re flexible, creative, and love problem-solving.
  • You’re obsessed with uncovering the unique opportunities in each project, and you’d be bored if you had to design the same system twice.
  • You’re familiar with the latest trends and best practices when it comes to tools, platforms, and similar events. You know how to use them in a way that makes sense.
  • You’re passionate about understanding user needs, desires and behavior, and you pride yourself on creating systems that are mutually beneficial for all. You have experience working with global audiences and understand that a successful strategy in one place might not easily transfer to another.
  • You have strong leadership skills and can easily work with different teams and management to get the results that you need.
  • You have both in-person and online event experience and enjoy creating the vision and seeing it through to cultivate community and increase profitability.



As the In-Person Event Manager, you’ll be responsible for identifying best practices, benchmarks, and strategies to improve user experience and revenue generation. You will also be expected to use that analysis to create a comprehensive event strategy for 3HO. You will work collaboratively across many different teams, reporting directly to our CEO.

At 3HO, you will:

  • Serve as on-site manager overseeing all aspects of program delivery and logistics
  • Manage planning and production of 3HO events, with a strong focus on service and community building
  • Develop strategies to partner with local influencers
  • Work collaboratively with 3HO staff and events team on event development and execution
  • Oversee event marketing strategies and communications
  • Build positive relationships with the international community to inspire event participation and increase communication for local communities
  • Manage the Events Budget
  • Attend community functions to network and identify potential opportunities for collaboration
  • Collaborate with Logistics Manager, 3HO Team, and Events Support Staff to upgrade or implement new policies, procedures, and systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of events
  • Oversee event registration system selection
  • Oversee Event Logistics Manager
  • Evaluate and improve Event Operations
  • Explore new locations and formats for 3HO Events
  • Collaborate with global communities to support International 3HO events
  • Collaborate with 3HO online events, marketing, and outreach teams to strategize and implement ideas for in-person and hybrid virtual events
  • Research best practices of similarly successful in-person Lifestyle and Yogic Events to create comparative analysis and strategy proposals
  • Oversee operations at the events. This requires flexibility, the ability to think on your feet, multi-task, and oversee staff with a high level of focus, attention to detail, and accuracy in a stressful environment


Please note: Although this is a remote position, it requires travel and the ability to be onsite at the 3HO event location during event operations. Just prior to and during the event you would need to work extended hours, including evenings and weekends.


  • 2-5 years of experience in managing events for small and mid-sized organizations with at least 500 attendees.
  • Thorough understanding of current in-person event strategies and best practices for COVID safety
  • Experience in creating and promoting In-Person Events to maximize engagement and increase global brand awareness
  • Experience with a nonprofit and international marketing a plus
  • Team player who can work independently and as part of a group
  • Flexible, creative thinker who is able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances
  • Efficient self-starter who is comfortable working independently
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Insightful and perceptive
  • Committed to the larger vision of 3HO International
  • Interest in yoga and/or spiritual awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and conscious awareness


To apply for this opportunity, click here.