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Ego Eradicator

Ego Eradicator opens the lungs, consolidates the magnetic field, and brings the brain hemispheres to a state of alertness. 

Posture: This exercise can be done in Easy Pose or Rock Pose. Raise the arms up to a 60 degree angle. Keep the elbows straight and the shoulders down. Apply Neck Lock. Curl the fingertips on to the pads of the palms at the base of the fingers. Thumbs are stretched back, pointing towards each other.

Eyes: Eyes are closed.


Mental Focus: Focus above the head.

Breath: Breath of Fire

Time: Continue for 1 - 3 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply and bring the arms overhead with the thumbtips touching. Open the fingers, exhale and relax the arms down. 

There are variations of this exercise found in many different kriyas. 

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.