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Sacred Action - Devotional Service

By Sewa Singh Khalsa

You are completely relaxed with a fluid gentle focus as time releases its hold and you become the essence of tranquility in motion. Is this joyful state of being the result of years of physical discipline and meditation, or is it drug induced? Neither, it is the direct result of devotional service, also known as seva. Devotional service is a part of all spiritual traditions as it supports generosity, kindness, and compassion in the individual while providing support for the community. It challenges our individual consciousness to act in the world as part of a collective consciousness. This is a solid step toward achieving Universal Consciousness.

Happiness and Unity with the Infinite are not available without profound relaxation. Tension draws our attention to our bodies and minds, emphasizing our separateness. Develop your ability to deeply relax and your joyful spirit will be free to soar. Devotional service is an ideal technology to use for the development of deep relaxation, especially that of the mind, the intent and the emotional body.

Ideally, devotional service is done out of spiritual love. Spiritual love is giving freely without any thought of receiving anything in return. Give of yourself without any thought of not only receiving anything in return, but also without a thought of any result of your giving. This liberates the mind and emotional body from any attachment whatsoever; there is no desire, no approval, no disapproval, no judgment, no thoughts of self or the effect of or on self, no internal conversation regarding the action or its outcome.

By consciously deciding to act lovingly without any anticipation of outcome, you move into a state of deep neutrality, free of stress, with extraordinary powers of focus. Since there are no expectations, time becomes irrelevant and you are free to act with the clarity of attention that is felt within only the most sacred moments. The simplest activity becomes a moving meditation that directs the consciousness to blend effortlessly with the sacredness of each moment within each breath.

As we choose to lovingly experience all awareness and action as sacred, we create a blessed future all around us. We can make a selfish choice to recreate ourselves as selfless. My prayer is that we may serve together, with the deepest devotion so that rivers of love and gratitude may flow upon the Earth.

Sewa Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years and has been providing counseling to couples and individuals based on Kundalini and White Tantric Yoga technology for 35 years. He holds an MFA from University of Washington and has taught at Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University and University of Washington. He is also an accomplished artist and some of his artwork can be seen on