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Winter Solstice: The Power of Good Company

By Satkirin Kaur

Solstice Sadhana is a call to prayer for peace and positive change. The quintessence of good company is Sadh Sangat, the company of the devotees and people willing to share a life of value and discipline.

As a long time student of Yogi Bhajan, I learned very early on the power of good company. Every six months since 1972 my husband and I have taken the opportunity to cleanse our bodies and purify our psyches at Winter and Summer Solstice Sadhanas and White Tantric Yoga.

The eight days of Amrit Vela morning Sadhana, the purifying diet, the daily chanting in the Gurdwara and the electromagnetic field of the company of 2,000 meditatively focused people is something very special. I would be challenged to describe the good feeling of being in a space totally transformed by the power of intended goodness of the people in this gathering—everyone committing to leave behind their neuroses and monkey minds and to regulate their values and dedicate themselves to simran, seva, bani, and bana (meditation, service, recitation of the sound current, and graceful expansive attire).

Solstice Sadhana is a call to prayer for peace and positive change. It is the place where one can truly learn what it is to be human. As Yogi Bhajan taught, “Come be”—Healthy Happy and Holy in service to the evolution of peace and harmony for this world in which we live.

SatKirin Kaur Khalsa teaches the power of Naad and Shabd Guru, and leads Kirtans with the Mantra Jam Band in her home town, New York City, and around the world. She has produced thirteen Kirtan CD's available from ITUNES and Spirit She can be reached at and facebook.

"Go forth my friend as a musician of the soul and tune the hearts of all to the Divine harmony."  Inayat Khan


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