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New 3HO Team Members

Guruparkash Kaur, Kehar Kaur, Harimandir Singh

3HO's Administrative Team has three new members: Kehar Kaur, Guruparkash Kaur, and Harimandir Singh


Kehar Kaur, 'the lioness who has the nature of strength and fearlessness,' is 3HO's Events Operations Manager. She joined the 3HO Team in April and has proven to have the grit and enthusiasm to keep going! She works with Anand Singh, 3HO's Events Director, to administer all operational aspects of 3HO Events. We are honored and excited to be serving with her.

Harimandir Singh, 'the divine Lion who is immersed in the tank of God's nectar,' is 3HO's new

Customer Service and Registration Manager. Harimandir Singh joined the team on July 30. Welcome, Harimandir Singh! With Winter Solstice coming up, he will be hitting the ground running.

Guru Prakash Kaur, 'the Princess who shines with the divine light of God,' certainly lives up to her name. She serves as IKYTA's Assistant to the Executive Director. Guru Prakash Kaur joined the 3HO Team a few months ago. It's a delight to have her graceful presence in the office!