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Conscious Communication Begins with Your Own Self

By HariBhajan Singh aka Catalyst Yogi

“Your Self is the only conscious voice you have, deep within you. Develop the habit to listen to yourself whenever you are confronted with anything. Tell yourself, through a meditative mind, ‘I must listen to myself.’ It is the first step of friendship between the body and the soul.” -Yogi Bhajan, 10/25/00

Conscious communication is the key to success in all relationships but it begins first with your most important relationship—the relationship with your own Self.

When faced with challenges in life, it is typically the voice of the ego that first comes rushing to the surface of awareness. The ego is unconscious and limited in its perspective of reality. The ego will give you many solutions that seem logical, rational and safe. Yet if you dig deeper, you will discover the energy behind each suggestion is rooted in fear.

The only true voice that can be trusted is that of your own Self. Many people will listen to everyone else (other egos) tell them what to do and never consider asking their own Self for answers.

In the Piscean Age, we have been taught not to trust our self and certainly not to listen to our self, especially if the message received goes against the status quo. We have been trained to go to people who are the “experts,” who have many letters behind their name, and read a lot of big books. We believe that these people know us better than we know ourselves. Who better to know you than you?

In the Aquarian Age, we need to cultivate a deep trust in the Self so that when the challenges come more and more rapidly, we can respond quickly from higher consciousness.

If you are a person who has to call all your friends and family and google before making a decision, try something different. Calmly sit in silence and ask your Self for guidance. This exercise requires patience as you wait for the emotions of the body to settle, the ego to lower in volume, the negative and positive minds to finish. It is as if you are diving to the very bottom of the ocean as you go deeper and deeper into the Self. It helps to slowly inhale Sat and slowly exhale Nam to direct your mind to truth.

It is in this space that you experience communion with your own Self. It is in this space that all of your answers will come. It is in this space that everything makes sense. It is in this space that you realize that you are okay.

As you begin to listen and act on the guidance of the Self, it will become easier to bypass the voice of the ego. The most important thing on your “to do list” these days is to make the time to listen to yourself and to trust what your god self is communicating to you about your life's direction at this time. The wisest sage lives inside of you!

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