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Yoga Para Todos - Yoga for Everyone

Guru Darshan Singh and Agni Yoga Center in Santiago Chile started a program called ‘Yoga Para Todos’ or Yoga for Everyone.  They adjusted the price of their classes to be around $2.00 as a way to bring in everyone!  Since they have started the program normal classes have been overflowing with 30+ attendees.

How it works:

  • Students sign up in advance by purchasing passes creating a steady commitment
  • Themes are selected for the month and all classes address the theme
  • One weekend a month a workshop is held on the theme

Agni Yoga has found no financial deficit by lowering the price of the classes and instead the volume of students as well as the charge for weekend workshops has counterbalanced the lowered class cost.  They are inspired by this project as a way to reach more people, in particular youth and drug abusers with the positive benefits of Kundalini Yoga!  Agni Yoga invites your center to join them in finding ways to offer Yoga to everyone!

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