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Teacher Spotlight: Guru Raj Kaur

Our beloved Teacher Yogi Bhajan was very clear from day one: his mission was to create Teachers of consciousness to serve in the Aquarian Age. I am a very devoted student of his for 42 years. So for the last 22 years, I have followed that mandate through Aquarian Teacher Training.

It is inspiring to be a witness to the miracle of the Touch of Guru Ram Das as the individual is delivered to the Golden Chain. Destinies blossom and it is a delight to see students applying themselves to the discipline, doing the work, experiencing the meditations, practicing their sadhana, reading the Master’s words, discussing the teachings in the two remarkable books, The Aquarian Teacher Level One Textbook, and The Master’s Touch, and most of all, to be touched by Guru Ram Das, and the Golden Chain.

It is also a challenge to watch destinies wrestle with the Golden Chain. Some find the bliss and miracle of surrendering into that vast river of resource and Wisdom, some don’t. As a Trainer, the challenge is letting the Hand of God work: when to push or involve, when to know not to and just let it be. Yet somehow we are guided ourselves as Teachers due to our own dynamic relationship with the Golden Chain. It is a Play, it is a Flow. It is a Blessing.

The challenges and miracles through these many years of teaching and Training, and being part of developing the Aquarian Academy is always how to create a system that firmly supports the identity of a teacher, while still recognizing that we each receive the authority to teach from our own self-initiated relationship with the Golden Chain. Every teacher has to manifest the humility, reverence, and joyful awareness that they are not the Source of the Teachings, but the carrier of them—and recognize what a privilege it is to do so. Formula: Deep gratitude, honest study, preparation, personal practice, a huge dose of healthy humility, and not a small amount of adventurous spirit!

Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa is a Mentoring Lead Trainer in Vancouver, Canada in 2 local programs: the Traditional Vancouver program, and a residential outreach program on Vancouver Island in 2013-14. She travels worldwide as a guest teacher in Sound and Mantra, and Ten Bodies. Guru Raj Kaur is a founding member of the Teacher Training Executive Committee that serves the Global Aquarian Teacher Program and she is honored this year by KRI with Outstanding Achievement award for her contribution to the legacy of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. 

Reposted from KRI July 2014 newsletter