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La Fontaine: Guru Ram Das Institute for Health and Happiness

By Gian Dharam Kaur

La Fontaine is a spiritual community in the Southern French Alps, based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, with bio-dynamic farming and a natural camping site. The center hosts Kundalini Yoga students and teachers from around the world. We offer seminars and vegetarian/non-smoking/yogic camping open to all. The property includes a kitchen, a winter garden greenhouse, a large yoga room, and lots of space for teepees, tents, or trailers. Anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga, natural living, hiking, healing, organic gardening, and great pranic food is invited to come for holidays or as work exchange.

Update 2014

A big change at La Fontaine is the addition of our new gardener, Angad Singh, who is Naadh Yogi, thus bringing a new facet to our spiritual life. He not only takes care of our beautiful garden but also gives workshops and guides a monthly meditation group in Aix-en-Provence.

During the last year and this spring, our community welcomed around 100 new souls incarnated as fruit trees, some of them planted in winter during a snow storm! It is a big pleasure to see them flowering in the spring, knowing that most of them will not give any fruit this season, nor in the next year or the following ones, but some day to whoever might be here then!

The most visible change since 2012 is the new building. It is connected to the kitchen building through a veranda which offers a lot of nice, shady space for lunch in summer. The house itself is, apart from the basement of concrete, made of wood, straw and clay and the biggest part of the practical work was done by volunteers̶--just one more of the amazing wonders that happen all the time at La Fontaine.

The new building is not yet completely finished, the last bits of exterior rendering are going to be done in the next weeks; the floor heating inside still waits for somebody to install it; the office in the basement is just about finished, so that finally there will be an end to the 'computer-corner' in the kitchen.

Despite all these unfinished projects, it already made this winter much more cozy, warm, light and comfortable. In the first floor there's one large room, which was used as living room, kitchen, yoga room, and even sometimes as a bedroom for people feeling too ill to sleep in a cold caravan. It is painted with earth color, which creates a very warm ambiance. Large windows facing south and west allow you to enjoy every single precious sunray during the winter!

In the basement there is the new office, a stock room for whatever you want to keep cool and dry, a laundry room and two nice bathrooms in yogic style—with only cold water.

So many changes and one constant: Sobagh is still the heart and the mother of this place, holding it together, carrying it with her almost endless energy; steady and yet always ready to change, to renew, along with the constantly changing community, in the awareness that the only constant is the change.

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Article: La Fontaine - Kundalini Yoga and Organic Farming in the French Alps