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Keeping a Community Healthy!

By Siri-Gian Kaur

Community of the Spirit is such a privilege, a support, a kindness, a mirror. To me, it is like a beautiful blue sea that gently holds, connects and uplifts us. We may find it in our Yoga Center, our Ashram, our Gurdwara, with a certain few friends who have the same spiritual focus, in our continuing tele-classes, or even through social media connections.

Community is such a sacred place where all of our hearts are bare in order to be open to this sharing of kindness and upliftment. But there is one nasty bug that can lurk within individuals who seek to victimize others. And their actions consequently victimize the whole community. That dark bug is ugly gossip and lies. Nothing can break a trusting individual or the fabric of a community faster and more painfully.

A healthy community is not where you show off or gain position, but where you kindly give and share, and each one cares for each one. If someone tries to break that sacred bond of a community, ask the perpetrator to stop their maliciousness. Otherwise, what you most value will be broken. And it is really hard to repair the damage.

On the other hand, the target of that meanness must not try to retaliate, which would further rip apart the community. Instead kindly and humbly tell the Truth about yourself and don’t engage in commenting on the perpetrator. Live your Truth and pray for the greatest good of the whole community. The holy scriptures say, “The Guru (the God Consciousness) saves the honor of his saints.”

Trust that, even if takes a long time for you to see results, everything has its karmic purpose for the sake of transformation within you as well as others. Stay totally humble and devoted to that principle. If you are the receiver of this action, do your best to give your pain and suffering to your Soul, to God, to Yogi Bhajan, seek to love the depth of you more and more, and do make healthy boundaries. That is pure LOVE in action, the backbone of the Aquarian Age.

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Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa is an intuitive healer and teacher who thrives on getting you in touch with own cozy, infallible Soul and your powerful Guides—Yogi Bhajan, Guru Ram Das, Baba Siri Chand and Adi Shakti/Divine Mother. Putting yourself entirely in their care and unconditionally following their perfect guidance takes you through every life trial to bring exquisite elevation, pure love, dependable security and amazing transformation to live out your true, unique Destiny! She has been a student of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan since 1976.