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Cultivating Peace in the Aquarian Age

By Kristie M. Huber aka Karambir Kaur

How shall we embrace this beautiful Aquarian Age that will be dominated by many positive attributes—compassion, altruism, and peace, to name a few? By becoming compassion, altruism, and peace.

Studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan over the last six months has transformed me and my environments. As I felt peace within, I saw it spread outside myself to my surroundings. Yogi Bhajan spoke of the need for us to become God consciousness.

As we each strive individually to do this, we spread enlightenment to our environments which invites others to evolve as well. Our presence can alter the energy of the environments we inhabit. By focusing within, we paradoxically transcend the self and connect collectively to effect the evolution of consciousness beckoned by the Age of Aquarius.

A reliable path to personal transformation is allowing ourselves to slip into the gap—into that silent, clear space we find within ourselves during meditation, prolonged exercise, yoga, or when creating. It is in this space between the moments where time is lost; not lost as in hours are suddenly gone, but lost as in the concept becomes irrelevant. Get into the gap however you can—exercise, meditation, yoga, music, the arts. Your intentions are clear from this space and the more time you spend there, the more you carry and radiate that heightened awareness and peaceful energy as you go about your daily routine.

Yogi Bhajan taught many meditations and yogic exercises to help us achieve this state of clarity where you come to recognize yourself as the creator. It is when you can reside in the gap that all things become possible. So many of us are overwhelmed by the anxiety, fear, and stress; our thoughts are fearful and harried, creating a fearful and harried world and dis-ease within ourselves. But when we are in the gap we experience peace. The more time we spend there, the more we become peace and draw peace into the realities we create. It is time to take responsibility and create peace in this world.

I have witnessed firsthand how one person’s transformation can impact surrounding environments—my own transformation since practicing Kundalini Yoga and its impact on my formerly stressful workplace. I do paralegal work in a high stress, competitive law firm and my transformed presence and knowledge has brought peace to an aggressive, vindictive, and otherwise negative environment. I was amazed to discover that since I began practicing Kundalini Yoga and playing recordings of mantras given by Yogi Bhajan in the office (at an almost inaudible level), there has been a drastic reduction in verbal altercations, arguments, and hostile energy. In addition, my employer recently said that I bring a calm presence to my department!

I believe that the personal peace I have cultivated emanates from me and impacts the energies in my environment. This is an example of how one person can make a change and radiate light and peace into her surroundings. When we all do this, the impact will be global. When we each find the light within and radiate that light, we can connect collectively to create a web of God consciousness.

The Aquarian Age expects us to be fearless in discovering our inner truths and walking our individual paths aligned with spirit. It is time for us to follow our bliss, our hearts, connect with and trust our inner guides, trust that the net will appear—become who we intend to be. Welcome the disengagement of the ego. Be responsible for our every word, thought, and deed.

Each of us has a unique evolutionary path and one is not better than another. Stay meditative during this time of chaos. Spread peace by emanating that peaceful frequency cultivated by regular, daily meditation. The thriving of our true essence will be our contribution to the collective consciousness. Individually we will connect to create a consciousness and reality dominated by peace, altruism, and compassion. This is how to embrace the Age of Aquarius.

Kristie Huber aka Karambir Kaur does paralegal work. She is a writer, counselor, and Reiki practitioner.