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Becoming Aquarian: How a Book Deal Changed my Sadhana and Me

By Ravi Har Singh Khalsa

For most of the past year I’ve been working on writing a book about Yogi Bhajan’s vision for the Aquarian Age. I would like to share how this process has affected me personally and what I’ve learned about myself in the process.

I’ve always been fascinated with both the future and the distant past. As a kid I avidly read science fiction, as an adolescent Edgar Cayce and Immanuel Velikovsky, and every kind of woo-woo imaginable since. Recently some friends with similar interests started asking me questions about what Yogi Bhajan said about Earth changes, or population changes, or religion in the future. I realized that, after almost forty years as a student of Yogi Bhajan, I was able to answer many of these questions.

Out of this came the germ of the idea to write a book about his vision of the future. I’d never really thought of myself as a writer, but the idea grew and grew, and seemed to take on a life of its own. Ultimately it led to a book proposal and publishing contract with KRI. In hindsight I think it was the awakening of a destiny that I’d long ignored and suppressed. That’s one of those things about these times—we can no longer ignore who we are or what we are meant to be doing. At the same time I had the nagging feeling that this whole effort would end up being personally transformative in some way.

I got started in earnest on the project about nine months ago. It turned out to be a major research project. I received hundreds of raw transcripts of lectures from KRI and had to build a database to manage all of the information. Each lecture had to be searched, read, extracted and key worded to identify those nuggets of wisdom which would be relevant to the book.

I found myself slowly peeling the layers of the onion. With each layer that I uncovered, I would discover new and surprising layers below. I realized new insights about Yogi Bhajan’s teaching style. I realized how non-linear and multidimensional his teachings actually are. He said many times that he was really speaking to the future. Well, here I am in the future, or at least the beginnings of the future, trying to synthesize his vision into a coherent message. I found that he rarely develops a concept completely in one place, at one sitting. Instead he often delivers fragments of concepts across a wide number of lectures. It is up to the researcher to apply a good dose of intuition to bring these fragments together into a coherent whole. I began to sense the pressure of my own mental frameworks having to change as I went through this process.

My concept of the book also changed as I started delving deeper and deeper. I realized that the transformation to the Aquarian Age is actually a change of universal vibrational frequencies that is slowly manifesting from the subtle realms into the grosser realms. In order to make sense of this, I felt that I had to better understand the scientific and technical principles of consciousness, since these principles are underlying the entire process. The result of the transformation into the Aquarian Age will be a new world based on a new consciousness, a different functioning of the human brain, delivering a different awareness. In order to be able to write about these concepts effectively I would have to master them myself. I would have to learn to leave my old Piscean mental patterns behind and start to learn to use my own Aquarian mind.

This is no small task. It involves making changes in my own consciousness. What is the best tool we have for changing our consciousness? Well, of course, sadhana. So, in an unexpected way, the Master’s hand led me, through writing a book, to a whole new relationship with my sadhana. Now I am able to approach sadhana perhaps more as a scientist or researcher would, seeking an experience and seeking to understand the experience based on underlying principles of consciousness. I find that I am not just doing sadhana out of a sense of duty, or faith, or routine, but usually with an enthusiasm and a sense of excitement about the experience and the transformations that it will bring.

The book will be completed and published, God willing, on schedule. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide the service of sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with existing and new audiences in a way that has not been readily accessible in the past. I am grateful for this opportunity. But I have already realized a profound and unanticipated personal transformation through this effort. In the process of setting out to write about the change to the Aquarian Age, I’ve actually begun to transform myself into a true Aquarian.

Ravi Har Singh is currently writing We are the Aquarians, Yogi Bhajan’s Vision of the Aquarian Age, which is scheduled to be published by the Kundalini Research Institute and available at Summer Solstice 2012. [email protected]