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Teacher Training in China: The Seed of Consciousness Unfolds

The Ramadasa Yoga Meditation and Wellbeing Center is a new Kundalini Yoga center in China, currently holding a 26-day Teacher Training Immersion course.

By Yina Chen, Shanghai, China

I am actually not quite sure what made me decide to take a month long leave of absence and come to Ramadasa Center and join the Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level I Immersion course. I quite enjoy my current job, and have no intention to be a yoga teacher. And I had stopped practicing Kundalini Yoga for about 2 months. I just came with a peaceful mind and with no anxiety or specific expectations. I have stopped wondering why I came; I have the answer.

Kundalini Yoga emphasizes experiencing. Each one has his or her own experiences. To me, what I got is that the seed of consciousness has been planted into my life. I started to set my intention to my breath, my body, my thoughts, my emotions, my words, and my behaviors. Then I caught glimpses of my patterns: hidden fears, sadness, and anger. But I also found all my compassion after peeling off all the layers.

With these days at Ramadasa, I feel like a new born baby from time to time, starting to learn how to eat food and drink tea, how to walk and talk with consistent awareness, even in my dreams. I’ve had quite some dreams—I know it is a kind of subconscious releasing. I can remember clearly what happened in one of my dreams: Mom was blaming my grandma (Mom has a bad temper in my mind). I could feel my tension and the shutting off of my sensations. I quickly realized I was releasing my subconscious when I was still in the dream. Then the tension just disappeared.

More often I saw that the divine God passed me information through the people I talked with—if I talked with them consciously. During one conversation with a classmate, I realized that God was trying to remind me to take good care of my body. I became aware of my breath pattern. I tended to breathe in a hurry and I wasn’t breathing out completely. This showed me one of my patterns—that I am always trying to grab things to myself, which makes life stressful for me.

The end of the training is coming day by day. I am finding that everything is arranged by God. The Ramadasa Center, the graceful teachers, the sincere students, the lovely center staff, the morning sadhana, the peaceful environment, and the delicious meals are all so beautiful—even the occasional power outage.

Deep thankfulness. Kundalini Yoga is the best gift given by God. As a beginner, I found the preciousness in my life. There are two codes in the Teacher’s Oath. The teacher’s role is to uplift students to the infinite, rather than to himself; and to Keep Up as a role model of living a life of spirit. The sacred teachings fill me with compassion and gratitude for the Golden Chain, and for the accountability of the Kundalini Yoga teacher. I found diamonds shining from teachers like Sunder Singh, Gurucharan Singh, Suraj Kaur, and Tonie. They bring the light and we as students are enlightened and inspirited by them. We all have our own mission. And with grace we may step on to the path of Kundalini Yoga. Let’s walk together with sun and light... Sat Nam

Yina Chen is a student attending the Level 1 Immersion course at Ramadasa Yoga Meditation and Wellbeing Centre, China. Ramadasa has been established especially to share the deep teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The Immersion is a 26-day intensive teacher training, attended by students from ten different countries. Email: [email protected]