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Called to Lead

By Narinder Kaur

It is often the woman who did not get a head start who will be a woman who leads. We’ve seen this too many times to not put the figures together. One who has experienced continuous hardships is one who will be capable of gaining a great power and endurance.

Her heart beats with ‘Keep Up.’

She made a choice at some point to not be worn down by pain, to listen to the request of her heart to stay open. She acknowledged wise women in her path, just a few steps ahead of her, and sought their council. She felt comfort in their authenticity, health in their traditions, and mastery in their prayers. A woman who leads knows she was led.

Healing happened, and her questions quieted. A deeper listening began. Communication with Self through consciousness uplifted her enough to see that it was vital that she trust her own unique wisdom and the power within. The memories of what weighed her down slipped away and her awareness blossomed forth.

She knew when to rest; she knew how to use self-discipline. She gained confidence and turned her ears to what was beyond her. She hears others behind her on the path who need help and she sees they are within reach. Her heart extends through her hands as she lifts them up. One by one, she lifts them up, she watches as they lift others.

The woman who leads is present with all. An audience did not make her a leader—her service-full heart did.

She begins to set others up to succeed and find their own way, then she moves on. She is grateful for the opportunity to carry others, as she was carried. She is never slowed down by praise. Authenticity is her strongest virtue. Prayers and meditation are her routine. The compassion in her heart leads her work. Her feet are light with grace.

The “Keep Up” that carried her out of the dark, again and again, is the same “Keep Up” that holds the capacity to serve many. That is a woman who leads. She excels and she is fearless.

The Kundalini Meditation Excel, Excel, Fearless is an excellent tool for women who find they are being called to lead others. It can help to keep her spirit buoyant when she’s been carrying others. It can realign her with her truth when she’s helping others carry their stories. It’s a celebration of self.

Narinder Kaur lives in Atlanta with her husband Brahamjot Singh. She is an artist, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a Home Funeral Guide.