The Pranic Body

The purpose of giving you the prana, the breath of life, is so that you can use each prana innocently to be pure. – Yogi Bhajan

Prana is life energy itself – the life force of your physical body. Prana speaks to us – it tells us when we need to breathe, and when to let the breath go. And while our mind is partially involved in this, the relationship between the pranic and physical bodies is paramount. When it’s our time to die, the relationship between the breath and the pranic body comes to an end.

Prana is the electromagnetic force in the air we breathe. It’s not some unseen force yet to be discovered under a microscope. The oxygen entering our lungs carries an electromagnetic action that we call the pranic body. It’s the electromagnetic flux of the air we breathe interacting with our own internal electromagnetic body that keeps us alive.

When we hold our breath out, no new electrical activity enters the body. This forces our pranic body to act and adjust its electromagnetic relationship with the physical body. The pranic body immediately awakens and realigns its connection with the physical body. It’s very powerful – you may feel your Kundalini energy rise, or experience energy at your third eye point.

With the breath held out, we are increasingly uncomfortable as our mind is panicking with the fear of death and the thought we will no longer exist. When you hold your breath out, you are communicating with the pranic body, your pranic self, which says, ‘Hey, what’s going on? The electromagnetic force that usually comes into the lungs has stopped. It’s not time for this physical body to break with the soul, so inhale!” The lungs bring in prana and your sympathetic nervous system responds by increasing activity. It uses the prana to create life and action. After the body warms, the parasympathetic nervous system comes into play, your breath slows, and prana enters the lungs again to regenerate the body.

When Yogi Bhajan first started teaching, he told his students to dress in white. Wearing white extends your aura and arcline by a foot and a half so that you’re not in your most basic nature. We can do much more than that. We can practice yoga, and bring energy into our pranic body through the electromagnetic extensions of our arms, our feet, and our hair. This charges our aura and arcline which make up our electromagnetic self. We can generate prana through the breath because of the intimate relationship between the lungs and pranic body.

Yoga allows us to use the breath, our link with our pranic body, to bring life force into our body and release it through the antennae of our hair, our fingers, and our toes. When we do Ego Eradicator, we move pranic energy up our arms and hold the position in relation to our aura and arcline. This adjusts the frequency of the vibration of both bodies, which changes the vibratory frequency of the soul. The vibratory shift of the soul diminishes the force of ego, hence the name Ego Eradicator!

Most people need to make an effort to relax as they take too many stimulants. We can use our pranic body to relax because the pranic body can override the physical body. Doing pranayam allows us to affect the nervous system to gain the relaxation we need. One simple pranayam is to take three long, slow, deep breaths every 31 minutes. This is important even if you’ve done sadhana and set yourself for the day because the nature of the mind is to pull us off center. Breathing deeply three times every 31 minutes will help you remain calm and focused throughout your day.

People think that when they finish doing a yoga posture, the exercise is done. However, resting and circulating the energy you’ve generated is an important part of the posture. So, unless you’re doing a yoga set that specifically says to immediately move into the next exercise, rest in Corpse Pose for at least a minute. During that rest period, you’re balancing the physical and pranic bodies so you are not fatigued for the next exercise. You’re balancing your electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic energy circulating through your mind, your aura, and your arcline. You’ll get much more benefit from your yoga practice if you rest between exercises and after the kriya, as instructed.

Kundalini yoga postures create angles and triangles, bringing prana into the body. Creating angles and triangles with the electromagnetic bodies, your aura and arcline, changes the brain’s neurological function and stimulates your glandular system. The mind shifts and changes and is elevated. It is through this elevated consciousness that we create a relationship with our subtle self and an awareness of our soul. We begin to listen to the soul telling us right from wrong. When we act according to the voice of the soul, we become free of karma. This is the purpose of life and how the pranic body functions in the science of Kundalini Yoga.

Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa is an engaging speaker in the field of yoga, healing and medicine. A KRI Professional Teacher Trainer, he is the author of Waves of Healing: Listening to the Voice of Your Soul; Kundalini Yoga for Intuition & Destiny; and co-author of Divine Relationships. As a physician and healer, Dr. Siri Atma’s personal consultations can help you understand how physical illness parallels spiritual challenge and opportunity. He has an innate ability to tune into what people need at a deep level in order to heal.