Numerology Forecast for July 2024: Rest & Regenerate

The month of July 2024 is a time to rest, relax, and regenerate. We are presently between two bookends of intensity, the previous month of June and the coming month of August. It is important now to restore our reserve strength, as this will allow for a greater sense of resiliency while navigating the second half of the year. If there was a motto for the second half of 2024 it would be, “I am resilient, self-reliant, and resourceful!” Owning your own energy is a big part of this equation, so let’s explore that a bit further.

Number 7 represents the themes of trust, personal space, the voice, singing, the Aura, and the Water Element. Within our own body, 7 represents the blood and lymphatic system. When we are not allowed to use our voice and own our power, it creates a bitterness in the blood. This eventually can lead to disease. Hibiscus tea is a good blood purifier, as well as dandelion root and red clover. These plants can be found in tea bag form, or as herb capsules. A cup of tea a day is a gentle way to help cleanse the blood.

There will very likely be a moment this month where you will need to really speak up and own your own power. The number 7 represents trust issues, as well as our ability to determine if someone or a situation is trustworthy. We’ve all had the experience of watching a movie and thinking, “Oh no! Don’t go down the staircase into the basement just because they told you it was safe!” Trusting our own higher instincts and developing a relationship with our instincts and intuition is essential now. Honestly folks, there is no other way to successfully transit the times without this higher connection. It’s your own internal GPS system, triangulated with your Guardian Angel and the grace of the Universe.

Our voice and spoken words have an extra power at this time, so let’s leverage it to our best advantage. You can’t go wrong with the “Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru” mantra. It shifts the flow of your psyche so that you are in sync with the flow of the Universal psyche. This brings opportunity and good luck. It also helps you to avoid the “bad stuff,” and alerts you to danger. 

I had the experience last month of driving up to the Summer Solstice site in New Mexico, and let me tell you, it can be one dangerous dirt road. Driving to the site I eventually came up to a large cargo truck that was kicking up a lot of dust on the road. I wanted to pass the truck, but the road was too narrow, and the visibility was extremely poor. Finally, the winds changed, and a stretch of road appeared where I could see that no on-coming cars were headed down the mountain. I floored it and made my approach to pass the cargo truck. Within a narrow slip of space I could see that I had just enough room to get past safely. Then, as if appearing out of nowhere, there was a small boulder on the road. On a wing and a prayer I floored the gas pedal and said, “Guru Ram Das, get me out of this.” As if by molecular magic, my car averted the boulder and scooted past the cargo truck.

My point in all this is, “Do your part, and pray from the heart.” I had chanted the “Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru” mantra that morning, and I truly believe it gave me the extra edge to maneuver through the situation. I also believe that Guru Ram Das extended a grace and blessing to avoid disaster.

Have your team; know who you can trust and rely upon. Trust your own elevated psyche, and trust the established Saint, Savior, or Guru of your choosing. Within your personal relationships know who you can trust, and to what degree. This is critical, because many mishaps happen when someone is trusted with something that is beyond their capacity to come through on. When we trust the wrong people, we are often left with the thoroughly unsatisfying crumbs of what could have been.

Now is your time to rest, regenerate, and recoup yourself. Fill the reservoir so there is a reserve for the days ahead. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the writing on the wall, and at the same time we are able and well-equipped to relax and enjoy our lives.

Number 7 is the Water Element, so get out to the river, lake, ocean, hot springs, and waterfalls.  If you are city-bound, use your bathtub as a cleansing retreat. Get some aromatic eucalyptus bath salts, and soak in the ambiance of candle light and lovely music while sipping your Dandelion tea. There’s always a way!

We’re going to circle back to the theme of trust, because it is just so darn important to remember for the remainder of the year. Nothing gets the message across as much as personal experience or witnessing someone else’s experience. So, even though I have mentioned this film before, I am recommending it again. The 1994 movie, “The River Wild,” starring Meryl Streep and bad boy Kevin Bacon is a tutorial in the saying, “Don’t flirt, be alert.”

It is our alertness that will always give us the edge over predatory energies. The sensitive awareness of our own Subtle Body gives us the ability to read between the lines and pick up on the hidden agenda.  The number 7 of our Auric space can sense the ulterior motive, before the words are even spoken.

We need to develop ourselves as Yogis, and as dedicated men and women of God. The definition of the word dedicated is “devoted to a task or purpose; having a single-minded loyalty or integrity.” Now is the time, during our free-time of July, to establish within ourselves a renewed spirit of dedication to that which cleanses, elevates, and protects us. If you can set the ground work now for this new way of being, you will never regret it. You will have an edge over all unforeseen obstacles, and be able to maneuver and rise above the fray.  

Seven represents elevation, and a few excellent ways to experience this is to join a drumming circle, a full moon chanting celebration, a spiritual retreat by ocean or lakeside, and by singing at the top of your lungs to the tunes on the Oldies radio station in your car. Two of my favorites are “Joy to the World” and “Shambala” by Three Dog Night. Yep, I’m probably a bit older than you!

These certainly are the days and times we are in; uncertainty all around. Having said that, there is a way to exist within the domain of our own beauty and grace. The Lotus flower rests lightly upon the waters of the pond and emits a fragrance that soothes the Soul. The waters beneath may be murky, and dangerous creatures may dwell there, but the Lotus flower does not lose its posture, presence, and grace.

May we all find within ourselves the ability to stand at ease amidst the turmoil, and emit from our essence a soothing calm that quells the waters of the world. We are the light that will eliminate the darkness. Peace to All, Light to All, Love to All.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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