Numerology Forecast for December 2023

As we wind down the year of 2023, it is important to “get it right” in regards to certain key areas of our lives. The overall number for 2023 is a 7, and number seven represents trust. Who are we trusting, and are we learning to develop an unshakeable sense of self-trust as we navigate the winds of change? All this rests in the domain of your personal power, so let’s take a look at how to bring our sense of self-trust to a laser-like focus. 

Whenever you are about to enter a sports competition, or go on a big trip, you always prepare yourself for the event and journey. We are on the cusp of a very big year on planet Earth, and it would behoove us to make certain adjustments and additions to our lives right now. 

2024 is a number 8 year, and 8 represents the themes of power, energy, finance, healing, and the breath (Pranic Body). It also represents our ability to maintain our energy and integrity under extreme pressure. This pressure can come from issues regarding family, our social circle, work environment and colleagues, or even personal desires. 

When the pressure increases, will you have the pranic force, the life force vitality, to withstand the pressure and fight back? Will you be able to maintain yourself under the heavy winds of change that will be circulating throughout the planet?

You will if you have a strong Pranic Body, which is directly connected to the breath. Number 8 is the Air Element, and by working with your breath through exercise and pranayam you can build and maintain your energy field. If you are inactive, and just choose to slither under a rock and hide, you will experience a debilitating fear. This can lead to poor decision-making, and it also leaves you wide open to being manipulated by individuals or the media. The pharmaceutical companies are going to do very well next year, as many people will be looking for ways to totally numb out and not feel anything. Let’s take a look at how to remain the captain of your own ship, because no one in their heart-of-hearts wants to be a part of the zombie apocalypse.

You can’t go wrong if you practice the “Bhandhana Kriya-Seize Infinity” meditation. It works with the breath to help balance the mind and heart, and will change your destiny line to a higher frequency. There is a supportive dialogue by the teacher in the video that will keep you inspired throughout the 15 minutes. Hitch your wagon to this practice as you approach and step into the New Year. By doing so, no one will be able to steer you off course. You will be the captain of your own ship. Link: 

We are all intrigued by power, whether it be the floor exercise routine of an Olympic gymnast, the guitar solo of a great musician, or the performance of an Oscar award-winning actor. There is a power and energy in these things that draws us to them, and often inspires us to do better in our own lives. It is interesting to note that the world of archery experienced a flood of young girls and teenagers flocking to the archery range after the film “The Hunger Games” came out. Everyone wanted to be like Katniss Everdeen, with her cool, calm, and precision crafted demeanor. When she draws the arrow, watch out, she’s gonna hit the mark! Or the apple, as when she rocked the world of the stuffy elitists who thought she wasn’t worth bothering with.

The number 8 calls us out to try and discover something new within ourselves that is worth knowing and having. And guess what, you get to choose! You could start to follow a home cooking show on Youtube, and become the best pastry chef in town. Or, learn how to grow organic herbs from a windowsill flower box. Have an old guitar stashed in the garage? Pull that six-string out, get some new strings, and find a guitar lesson for every old song you ever loved on the good ol’ Youtube channel. I myself have done this, and I tell you what, nobody can touch my version of “Simple Man”!

The number 8 asks us to mix-it-up and try something different. Otherwise, when 8 goes negative it can fall into grief and depression. We hate those things, so let’s look into the world of nature for a boost to our spirit. The Bach Flower essence of Walnut helps you to adapt to change and move forward again. The essence of Mustard is specifically for grief, and the essence of Wild Oat helps to instill a sense of confidence when at a crossroads in life. It helps to fortify your ability to be clear about what it is that you really want.

Hmm, have we left anything out here? Why yes, let’s take a look at the few remaining steps of this year, the month of December 2023. The number 12 of December, which reduces down to a 3, asks us to take a closer look at our food scene. The number 3 represents food, as well as how we choose to nurture ourselves. This is the time to tell yourself, “I’m going to start to eat more real foods!” Real foods in the sense of a whole avocado, a handful of organic walnuts, a crisp apple, and some nice home-cooked oatmeal. We can all enjoy a processed food snack sometimes, but it really shouldn’t take up more than 5 percent of our diet. The more real food you eat, the more real you will feel!

It’s been quite a year, and taking a time-out for self-nurturing is an absolute human requirement now. Even if you can’t travel, try to scope out a good foot reflexology treatment, a dry sauna or hot springs to sweat out the toxins and tension, and a musical event to lift your spirits.

Last year, I myself went to 9:00 mass at the Saint Francis Cathedral in downtown Santa Fe. Arriving early, and in need of a cup of warmth and joy, my charming smile was able to leverage a cup of coffee at the La Fonda hotel before the cafe opening hours. Then, sitting in the hotel lobby in a nice big comfy chair, I gazed at the nativity scene adorned in sparkling Christmas lights. Seasonal music was playing, and all was calm and bright.

Our ability to care for ourselves is one of the best ways to increase our self-esteem and attract good fortune. Allowing yourself a dedicated time of self-enrichment is the best Christmas present you can give your Soul. Being a “Secret Santa” to someone you see struggling can be the tipping point towards another human being feeling that they have the strength to go on.

How to do this? Simply get a small bag that has string loops on the top (to loop over a door knob), get a seasonal mug and fill it with a few candies, and maybe even a little note card that reads, “Sending You Joy and Cheer!” Steer your sleigh and reindeer over at an opportune time, loop your gift over the exterior door knob, and know that you’ve brought a ray of sunshine into someone’s life.

We are all navigating this unique time and space together, and regardless of the news headlines we do have the power to make a significant difference. Small measured steps, within your own comfort and control, are always the best way to go.

May this Holiday season bring you the gift of the Christmas miracle within your heart, and may the coziness and warmth of this light help others to find their way. Peace on Earth, and goodwill to All.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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