Numerology Forecast for 2023 and the Month of January

As a humanity, we have now departed from one of the most challenging years in recent history. Looking over our shoulder for a moment, 2022 brought with it conflict in the realms of family, community, health concerns, and personal safety. We now have a stronger resolve and awareness of how to protect ourselves, as well as how to determine who is truly for or against us. Your new superpower is an Arc Line (halo) that reads, “Don’t tread on me, I am born to be free!”

It is freedom that we are seeking as we enter 2023, as the overall number for this year is a 7, and number 7 seeks to elevate itself above the rattling and ruckus of the world. Seven is a more serene and contemplative number, shying away from situations of stress and static. Number 7 represents the Aura, or electromagnetic field surrounding the body. We will want to take steps and measures to preserve the sanctity and grace of our energetic field, as it is a strong part of how we maintain our equilibrium in the world.

The retreat businesses will flourish in 2023, as many people will be seeking out their spiritual birds of a feather. With a Gift number of 5 in the yearly cycle (Gift is last two digits of the year: 2+3=5), travel, adventure, teaching, and physical fitness will all experience an up-tic in their respective fields. Forget about opening the barn door, people will be ready to just break it down!

This is because the number 5 has a boldness to it, along with a sense of wanting to catch-up for what has previously been denied. Five being the “Wild Card” number, this will have both a positive and negative effect in the world.

On the positive side, many people will be open to new modalities of health, healing, and progressive ways of thinking. Five is experiential, and there will be an awakening sense of, “Hey, I think I’d be willing to try that now.” You may notice your previously starched, pressed, and ironed next door neighbor sporting a tattoo as they rollerblade their way to the 90’s Retro-fest. Five is not to be fenced in!

Number 5 in the negative polarity can be reckless, having a lofty sense of bravado as it declares, “Who needs to pack a First Aid kit? I’m good to go hiking the Grand Canyon on my own!”

What we keenly need to be aware of in 2023 is the unique dance between the numbers 7 and 5. Seven is information, and our ability to sift through the layers of ideas, facts, and figures so we may have the most cool, calm, and precise plan. Seven is never in a hurry. Five on the other hand is impulsive, daring, and cavalier, having a more “learning on the run” approach to life.

We need to create a balance between these two forces, where we are confident in the information we have, as well as having the turn-on-a-dime flexibility to change course when necessary.

Five always brings the unexpected, and that can be for good fortune, as well as for anything challenging. There will be new opportunities throughout the year, and you’ll need to have your instinctual reflexes synced with your Auric field. Then you will have a sensitivity to the space as you move through it and respond accordingly as things unfold. This is a very Zen-like approach to life, and you can ask yourself the question, “What is my Auric field telling me about this person, before I even engage with them?”

Your ability to give yourself a time-out when necessary is an essential part of your personal skill-set for 2023. Have quick-comeback answers “at-the-ready” for any aggression or pressure that is inflicted towards you. Use a response like, “That sounds really important, give me 24 hours to think it over, and I’ll get back to you.” or, “Yes, I hear you. I’m already late for an appointment; let me get back to you later today on that.”

These answers give you the time and space needed to sort things out on your own terms, without being bullied into a dialogue where you end up feeling trapped. You can even practice these or your own responses in front of a mirror. Then you will be able to check your own Auric field. Visually you will see how well your energy is carrying over, and you can then make adjustments in your tone, posture, and eye contact as needed. I can bet you almost anything that Patrick Swayze didn’t ace the classic movie line in “Dirty Dancing” on the first take, when he declares, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

Jumping into the present moment, the month of January 2023 allows us an easy start to the New Year. We will have the time we need to reflect upon our best future options, safe-guarding our path in the days ahead.

Listening to the heart is important, and the Heart number for January is a 6 (Heart is month of 1 + Gift of 5 = 6). Number 6 is looking for the love, but will now incorporate the lessons learned from last year surrounding safety, protection, and boundaries. The number 1 of January inspires in us a fresh start and new approach to life. Number 1 is bold, courageous, and forward thinking. It looks for new ways of doing things and is excited by a worthy challenge.

Letting yourself explore a new fitness activity is a good way to start the year, and I hear the sport of Pickleball is all the rage these days. It’s an indoor or outdoor game that lends itself well to singles or doubles play and is relatively easy to learn. Join a beginner’s circle, start playing matches, and you’ll be off and running in a new social circle of friends. Nice start to 2023.

Goodness, did we forget something? Ah yes, the meditation for the month! You simply can never go wrong with the 3 1/2 cycle Laya Yoga meditation. It clears karma and gives you a new sense of direction and purpose. It directly supports and clears the Auric field and helps to connect you to your spiritual destiny. What better way to start the New Year? Practice for 11 minutes a day and clear the clouds away.

We are evolving as a humanity, and these are the times where we all are experiencing the growing pains of the gap that exists between the different levels of consciousness in the world.

Keeping your own boat afloat and ship-shape is one of the best ways to contribute to the overall evolutionary curve on planet Earth.

2023 grants us the time and space to climb our personal spiritual mountain and gain a new clarity with which to perceive the world. It is through this clarity that we may best communicate and teach others, so they can elevate themselves as well. We are all in this together.

May the grace of the Heavens shine a light of protection on the path before you and may the gentle whisperings of the Angels guide you on your way.


Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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