Numerology for November 2022: A Grand Alignment

The month of November 2022 is a power point of grand alignment within the domain of the Heavenly and Earthly realms. Much that has been hidden or disguised from public view will be coursing the airwaves of TV, social media, and your local coffee shop. This new dimension of information will have a very liberating effect on people’s lives, and at the same time, there will be a few “tough nuts” who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

We will pray for them.

The number 11 represents the themes of integrity, balance within, higher values, inspired leadership, and an electrical kind of energy that can work efficiently at lightning speed. Like a sprinter at the starting line, we will feel the urge to spring forward and engage with our lives in a new and creative way. There will be an abundance of what is popularly called “spiritual downloads” occurring for anyone who is open to a step toward spiritual destiny. What is spiritual destiny, you might ask?

Spiritual destiny is directly connected to the number 11, and it begins with an internal alliance of Self with the creative powers of the Universe. Some people call this power God, Jesus, or Guardian Angel, however, the main point is that you are aligned and guided by a benevolent force that is protective and has your best interests at heart.

What can we do to tune ourselves up to this power, you might ask? Good question, and “tuning up” is the quickest route to the higher ground. Number 11 is the sound current of Infinity, and by chanting, singing, and projecting through the science of mantra and prayer, you’re more than halfway there!

An excellent meditation for November is the “Moon Kriya Meditation for Emotional Balance and Vitality.” This practice activates the Navel point, giving will and clarity to the projective psyche. It is also an excellent meditation for children who are feeling frustrated, as it uses a “moving mudra,” allowing for venting out excess emotional energy. You can practice this for 3 to 5 minutes with your child, and see a dramatic shift in their behavior.

The total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th will be stirring things up in the collective unconscious, and there will be a great reveal within our own minds. This revelation will have to do with where we have previously placed our alliances, and why we keep attracting the same types of relationship dynamics. Not always fun stuff to take a serious look at, however, imagine how liberating it will be to no longer fall prey to the beckoning shadows of disappointment and regret.

It is important to remember that no matter what your history is, you have the power to make a shift at this transit point of time and space. Faith and the sound current of Infinity move mountains, so check in with your video meditation for 7 minutes a day and kick those chains of the past curbside. Yes, you got this.

Once we move past the 18th of the month there will be a greater ability to see the fruits of our labor. The clearing process of self-reflection, meditation, and prayer will all pay off in Aces for you if you put the time into it. This in turn will place you on the right track for 2023, which is an interesting event in itself.

Sneak Preview: 2023 is a 7 year, with a supportive number of 5 (2+3 = 5). Seven is our electromagnetic field, and the ability to hold our own space. Also, it is who we allow into our space, or not. Working on your personal living space now will allow for a smoother transition into the New Year. Seven is the Water Element, so a peaceful picture of an ocean, lake, or river will lend a flowing quality to your personal domain. If you really want to go for the gold you can purchase a nice little Zen waterfall statue, complete with running water. And if you would like to be your very own divine alchemist, you can place either amethyst, rose quartz, or jade into the waterfall basin. Amethyst is known for its healing properties, Rose Quartz for the heart center, and Jade is said to eliminate fear and balance the fluids in the body.

There is a lot of frustration and anxiety that people are feeling these days because of the deluge of intense information flooding the news and social media. This contributes to feeling overwhelmed, or even worse, powerless. One of the ways to regain your power is through small consistent acts of self-nurturing. With Winter on the way, why not create a simple skin care ritual for yourself at night consisting of a natural facial scrub and moisturizer. Then add a few dabs of Lavender Oil to the temples so you can drift into a soothing and relaxing sleep.

Looking further into 2023, the number 7 represents trust. Who can we trust, and do we have the ability to trust our own higher instincts? You will be ten steps ahead of the game if you develop a system or routine within yourself that guides you toward self-trust. This can consist of a simple early morning practice of chanting and prayer (7 is the voice!), a soothing beverage to sit and enjoy as the sun rises, and an affirmation to speak before you walk out the door into the world. It can be as simple as, “The Grace and protection of the higher powers are always with me, and will be guiding me throughout the day.”

Your ability to reset and give yourself a spiritual tune-up now will be the cutting edge of difference as you navigate 2023. Why so, you might ask? Because with the influencing number of 5 there will be a wild-card effect at play in the weather, our physical surroundings, and people’s ability or inability to navigate these shift changes gracefully.

Your higher awareness is the buffer that will keep you aligned with the intuitive flow of guidance that is available to you. It’s always there, you just need to be in a calm enough state of mind to receive it.

The Heart number for November is a 6 (Heart is month of 11 + Gift of 4 = 6), and number 6 is the domain of love, family, home, and protection. This is a lucky month for new romance and emotional connectivity. Being socially active will open up new opportunities for you in the months ahead.

Number 6 is community, and I really can’t say enough about the importance of community in these times. The sense of belonging that you feel when someone recognizes you as you walk into the Gym, Synagogue, Yoga Center, Starbucks, or REI meet-up trail hike are all natural boosters for your immune system. Inviting someone to be a walking buddy twice a week in your neighborhood, or a circle of friends pizza-movie night once a week, or a Christmas caroling club are all ways to unite with others who are just waiting for your call. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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