Numerology for May 2022: Feeling Free and Fluid Again

The month of May 2022 is a unique season of time that encourages us to move forward with a bold new attitude. The paradigm has shifted, and there is now a greater ability to make plans, set them in motion, and actualize them. This is highly welcome news after the volatile beginning to the new year, and yet, it is perfect timing after all!

The number 5 of May represents the themes of freedom, flexibility, the physical body, teaching, travel, communication, and a restless desire to experience something new. The saying goes, “Fortune favors the brave,” and our inner determination is now rising up to declare, “I will no longer be denied!”

This “kicking up one’s heels” is very good medicine, and engaging in some type of new physical activity or sport is an excellent way to feel free and fluid again. Hike, bike, river-raft, swim in a lake, or whatever it takes to get the endorphins surging in your system. Reclaim yourself, as this is your best immune booster for the days ahead; a healthy physical body.

Number 5 represents communication and information, so the sharing of new ideas and solutions to the world’s problems will abound. Filter the information you are receiving through your conscious awareness, and know that not every new bandwagon is worth jumping on. This ability to qualify and decipher information is essential in the days ahead, as we have all noticed an increase of hidden agendas behind what was originally touted as the truth. “Old School” is the new higher ground, and I have always liked the old carpenter’s motto, “Measure twice, cut once.”

Balance is a keynote theme to number 5, as it is the mid-point between the numbers 1 and 10. Keeping an even keel and maintaining your equilibrium ensures safety and safe passage through life’s journey. Developing an intuitive awareness as to what is right for you and what will throw you off point can save one’s self from a lot of wear and tear. Remember, keep the inner balance.

We have an extra perk in the month of May, which is the appearance of the number 9 in the Heart calculation (Heart is month of 5 + Gift of 4 = 9). Number 9 is the Subtle Body, and our ability to tune into the subtlety of life. It is the most intuitive number, as it also represents psychic ability. Does this mean that you are automatically going to become more intuitive in May? Mmm, maybe! But what will really determine that extra dimension of intuition and the ability to see beyond the veil, is if you are tuned in to your own subtle awareness. How can I do this, you might ask? I knew you were going to ask, so here is one of the rare jewels of the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

The Gyan Mudra Kriya is said to “give you a powerful insight. It coordinates the Mystery of the spiritual phenomena into a Mastery of your 3 Bodies: spiritual, mental, and physical. It looks simple, but it solves many complications.” We need “Mastery over Mystery” at this time, and this is the way to create within yourself a psychic GPS system that doesn’t require the internet!

The number 5 of May brings new opportunities, and within the scope of those opportunities is the need to be able to respond swiftly to your green light. You need to have your physical plane in order so you may respond to your good fortune with precision and ease. This requires a meditative mind, so invest that 11 minutes a day in the aforesaid meditation.

Number 5 is the Earth Element, and our ability to feel grounded and in control. The world at large is a bit out of control, simmering at the seams at times, yet we can still be in control of our personal domain. May is the time to reorganize, streamline, and prioritize. Give yourself easy-step projects throughout the month, such as clearing out and organizing your desk, kitchen pantry, garage, and clothes closet. Do this one weekend at a time, and be sure to donate to Good Will where you can.

Hit the Refresh button on your personal world, as this will allow more space for new opportunities to flow into your life. I know that the saying, “It’s all connected!” can sound a bit cliche, but it really is true. Plus, your give-away can be the missing piece to someone else’s good fortune, and this is how you move the progression forward.

We are all interconnected, and there is no way of avoiding that message in these times. From the oceans to the sky, to the rivers, to water in your faucet, it all circulates back around again. Whether we are in a country that is acutely suffering or not, we all feel the repercussions of bad policy. It is our collective power of prayer at this time that will create the potential for a greater peace on earth in the month of June.

There is an emerging energy portal of peace, kindness, love, and reconciliation in June of 2022. Let’s get ahead of the curve and call upon the higher Angelic forces to step up and step in so we may resolve the distress in the world.

Organizing a prayer circle of at least 6 people will be a way to create a “Prayer Beacon” that will emanate peace, relief, and healing to those on the edge. We can do this, as love is still the greatest force in the Universe. We just need to fully believe again and set that belief in motion.

Coming back to the number 5, and the awareness of our physical self and the surrounding world, I would like to quote the late Thich Nhat Hanh in saying:

“To meditate means to go home to yourself. Then you know how to take care of the things that are happening inside you, and you know how to take care of the things that happen around you.”

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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