Numerology for April 2022: Clear the Heart Center

The month of April is one of the most pivotal months of 2022, as it is a rare season of time which grants us the opportunity to release generational karmic blocks and patterns that may have previously seemed immoveable. This window of opportunity comes through the appearance of double 4’s, that being the month of 4 and Gift number of 4 (Gift is the last two digits of the year, 22 = 4).

Number 4 in the positive polarity is process, structure, order, and the faculty of the Neutral Mind. However, when it goes negative it is judgmental, rigid, and cut off from a sense of compassion for one’s self, as well as others.

There will be a great revealing experienced by humanity in connection to our Heart center, and this will affect how we choose to navigate our lives. The previous themes of self-sacrifice and generational duty will now feel like an overwhelming burden that can no longer be tolerated or carried out.

When expressed in the negative polarity the number 4 has an affection for the word “should.” As in, “You should do this, or behave this way; everyone else in this family has suffered through this, so you follow the script too!” The “echo resonance” of family patterns will be roaring at a critical volume, whether it be, “get the education we tell you to,” or, “stay in a bad marriage–don’t rock the boat” or “don’t speak up against the lie we’ve all been living.” All of these scripts and more will be headed for the glorious bonfire of self-liberation that is scheduled for April.

Would you like to know the exact ignition point of this sacred bonfire? Of course you do! There is a powerful healing vortex of energy that will be sustained on the planet starting April 8th through the 22nd. This two-week period is a time when things will intensify, and emotional scars will rise to the surface to be cleansed away. You’re going to need help with all of this, and we’ll get to the help and healing part in a just a bit.

The primary thing to be aware of throughout April is that people will not always be behaving as they usually do, and that you need to give others a lot of personal space. Otherwise, you may get hit with their “emotional upchuck,” and that’s not a pretty picture.

April will be a highly reactionary time, and we will be seeing this play out on a global level. Pray for the calming of the drums of war, and level-headed leadership as we move forward. We can’t always fix everything from a distance, but we can project a frequency of grace and ease to help others find their way.

Now, on to the personal healing and transformation section of the forecast. I would like to quote the Bible here and say, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This is really powerful stuff, and we need that kind of power right now.

Why is that, might you ask? Because the Heart number for April is an 8 (Heart is month of 4 + Gift number of 4 = 8), and 8 is all about power, energy, and healing. We need to get back and reclaim the personal power that has been held hostage by these negative family imprints. Just because there has been a history of alcoholism, abuse, poor self-esteem, or whatever the haunting ghost may be, You don’t have to live out any remnant of it anymore.

So, what makes karmic cleansing easier? The right cleaning solution, of course! Going back to our Power of the Word theme, we are fortunate to have a mantra within the scope of the yogic teachings that is the “leave no negative karma standing” answer to this month’s spin cycle.

It is an Ashtang mantra (Ashtang means 8), and in this video meditation, you will find a lovely way to practice and experience the sound current of Infinity. It is called “Celestial Communication with the Guru Gaitri Mantra.” This is a moving mudra meditation that will clear the Heart center of the pain and trauma of the past. When we become the living vibration of the Infinite, and allow the Word to flow through us, all new and good things are possible. Take 11 minutes a day and give yourself a chance for a better life than you might have imagined. You are so worth it.

Number 8 embodies the Air Element, and the Air Element is connected to communication. Because of a unique configuration in the Heart calculation this month, we have what is called a “Zeroing-out effect.” This is illustrated by what is called a Transformer number, where instead of adding the 4 + 4 of the Heart numbers, we subtract 4 – 4, leaving a Zero. Zero is a very powerful number in the science of Numerology, and this will create the effect of people finding it difficult to find the right words to say.

Throughout April it is important not to approach anyone with an impulsive burst of “Hey, talk to me right now, can’t you see how upset I am?” Everyone is going to need time and space to process and regroup as they go through their own healing.

A better opening dialogue would be, “Hi there (soft smile). I know we’re all dealing with a lot right now, but when you have a minute there’s something I need to go over with you. Would you get back to me when it’s a convenient time to chat for a bit?” This will earn you gold stars in someone else’s universe, and allow for a more productive outcome.

The number 4 of April beckons us to invoke the power of our Neutral Mind, as this gives us the greatest leverage for conscious change and growth. One of my favorite quotes of the Aquarian Age is, “Either you ride the wave, or the wave rides you.” I cannot think of anything more succinct and perfect than this.

Looking to the world of film, if you would like to see an example of the Neutral Mind at its best, watch the 1994 movie, “The River Wild” starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. After falling into circumstances beyond normal reckoning, Meryl’s character must keep it together, steady–meditative–calculating, till the exact right moment presents itself to act. It is this ability to have ownership over one’s domain that is the cutting edge of difference in these times.

Number 4 is “Cup of Prayer,” and our heart’s ability to love ourselves. Seeing the cup as full sets a frequency which invokes support from the Heavenly realms. You are not alone, and help is there for you as you use your Power of the Word to create the highest Blessing. You’ve got this, and I’m right there with you.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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