Finding Balance in Uncertain Times

The practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation helps people re-establish and deeply nourish an inner sense of security by developing a stronger nervous system. This strengthened nervous system, in turn, helps people experience calm within the storm of uncertainty.

The yogic breathing and meditation that we do bring us into the present and clear the flurry of subconscious thought that sometimes seems out of our control. When we control our minds, we become less emotional and irrational in the decision-making process. Our choices become much more lucid, our thinking much more balanced.

By simply rolling our shoulders backward, we help relieve and reverse the gravitational pull of hunching forward that has been caused by worrying about the past and the future. Hunching our shoulders forward can reduce our lung capacity and promote shallow breathing. This shallow breathing promotes fatigue and stress.

By doing shoulder rolls, we can open our lungs and allow ourselves to breathe better. Deeper breathing also aids digestion, helps the heart, revitalizes our internal organs, and encourages better sleep at night. By paying attention to our breath and its movement throughout the body, we connect to the soul.

Backward Shoulder Rolls

Sit with the spine straight in easy pose or on a chair. Inhale, roll the shoulders forward and up, exhale, and roll the shoulders back and down. Breathe deeply as you continue to roll your shoulders in backward circles, coordinating your breath by inhaling forward and up, exhaling back and down. Consciously release and relax anything you want to let go of off the back of your shoulders with each exhale. You will find that you feel lighter and happier.

Atma Kaur

Atma Kaur

Atma Kaur Khalsa, RN, KRI Certified and Professional Teacher Trainer has been teaching Kundalini Yoga over 30 years. Her goals include helping people find a balance between Eastern and Western healing practices for their best health outcome. Because Kundalini Yoga technology never fails, she continues to share its powerful life changing technology for lifestyle improvement.