Emotions are the Fuel that Shatter Your Heart Open

In the past few years, have you noticed the steady rise of your emotions? Have you noticed that others around you are less able to control their emotions? Have you noticed that the challenges you attract often bring up powerful emotional states like anger, rage, sadness, depression, grief or fear?

In our evolutionary process into the Aquarian Age, we are moving from navigating our life through the mind and intellect to that of the Soul. We are learning to cultivate an intimate relationship with our Soul, and the Soul communicates through our emotions.

Everything in our life is being purified—including our emotions. The problem is that for most of us, those raw emotions that start to release are really coming from our past. These are the emotions that did not have a healthy outlet at the time of the original experience. For example, if as a child you were not allowed to express anger, and instead, you were given sugar by your parent to placate you, then all of that original anger has to release from your system. It’s like priming the pump to get the trapped dirty water out first so that the clean pure water can get through.

Most of the challenges that we are facing today are an attempt to bring up those trapped emotions from our past—usually from childhood. Where you feel powerless and a victim in your life now can be traced back to an undigested experience from your childhood. From this point forward, simply give yourself permission to feel whatever comes up for you without judgement. This is how you purify your emotions so that you can reach the pure emotional state that is coming from your Soul. When emotions are refined and purified in this way they rise to a higher vibrational frequency, otherwise known as devotion.

As leaders and teachers, we need to work on our emotional intelligence so that we don’t fall victim to our emotional states. People in the world are going to become more and more overwhelmed by their emotions. If you’re not comfortable with your own emotions you can easily be triggered by another into a commotional and reactive state.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to detach from your emotions. The technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the yoga of awareness which gives us that spaciousness to realize that we’re in relationship to our mind and emotions. Emotions are like waves—they rise and fall, and it’s foolish to make a decision or act when you’re in the middle of an emotional state.

The solution is really a matter of identity. Emotional intelligence is to choose to commit to your identity as a Spiritual Being when you’re in a high voltage emotional state and feel your emotions until the end—which usually involves a big cry and a lot of Kleenex. These raw emotions from the past are the fuel that will shatter your heart open wide for the Aquarian Age.

So don’t be afraid of your emotions. Trust whatever you are feeling in the moment and let it in. Each trapped emotion is longing to be transmuted and purified in order to activate our new self-sensory system for the Aquarian Age.

Michael Neutrino

Michael Neutrino

Michael Neutrino (formerly known as Catalyst Yogi) helps you to find your higher purpose and heal your inner child through transformational online programs. These programs use the tools of Shadow Mining, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and Spiritual Psychology. Participants also become members of a supportive global community with like-minded people that you can grow and change with on the healing journey. He also has many free resources available to help you transition into the Aquarian Age. Check the website for more details. www.neutrinoastrology.com