Come Out of Hiding for the Aquarian Age

Many of us are under a great deal of pressure in our lives right now, especially those of us that have a sacred contract to help humanity transition into the Age of Aquarius. This pressure is serving us to birth our authentic self and do our higher purpose.

Your higher purpose is your unique contribution in creating this new Earth. The ego gets in the way when it starts creating images of what a teacher, healer and leader should look and act like. It is usually an image of perfectionism. Of course this false image clashes with reality.

For example, you may find yourself sobbing about a challenge in your life one hour before you are scheduled to teach a Kundalini Yoga class. The ego swoops in when you are the most vulnerable to attack you with thoughts like, “Who can you help? Who are you trying to fool? You’re not a royal yogi, you’re a royal mess. Better quit this teaching idea and work on yourself more.”

These ups and downs are part of the territory of an Aquarian Teacher because we need to go through the experience in order to teach the student. The experience gets encoded in the aura and that is what gets transmitted to the student instead of parroting some teaching that we have not integrated into our being.

I am still amazed at some of the crazy experiences I attract to me and wonder, “What was that all about?” And always a few days later someone comes to me for help with that same challenge that I worked through until the end. Uplifting words are great but the real healing takes place in the intersecting of the auras.

Remember the ego does not want you to do your higher purpose and wants you to believe that you are inadequate and to stay in hiding as a teacher. This can lead to isolation and further separation from others. Do you think that sneaky ego wants us to share your radiance in this dark world? No, because it knows that its time of rulership is coming to an end and you hiding yourself prolongs its existence.

This is the time to embrace the paradox of you. It’s when you are at your most vulnerable—sobbing and filled with insecurity—that you have the potential to be your strongest. Why? Because life has pressured you so forcefully that you have no other choice but to surrender to the Divinity with you. The false image that you have of yourself must dissolve so that the real you can be born.

Your strength is to show up to your life as your authentic self—no mask, no persona—and let the Grace of God move through you to serve others. God only brings to us the ones that we can uplift and serve. Trust the wisdom of your aura and your life experiences and challenges.

The world seems insane now but under the surface of things, it is all fine. We are only seeing the birth pains as the new Aquarian Consciousness anchors into this planet. The question is not, “Will the Age of Aquarius be born?” It is only a matter of when. So cultivate patience and stand in the Truth of who you are, an Eternal Being that is in a state of becoming for the Aquarian Age.

It is when we forget our identity that we also forget who’s really in charge of this world. All that we see comes from God. How can anything or anyone that comes from GOD have any power over GOD? It’s impossible. It is God’s will at this time that we come back into the fellowship of humanity. It is an earth-shattering reboot of our core values from greed, exploitation and competition to sharing, cooperation and caring for one another.

The new Aquarian human is a true friend—compassionate, kind and noble. So have patience with this birthing process. Have patience with your speed of evolution. Patience is the foundation to love. How would you act if you knew yourself to be Eternal? I bet you would naturally be patient with yourself and others. Try this belief on today: “I am Eternal,” and see what happens when you interface with life.


Michael Neutrino

Michael Neutrino

Michael Neutrino (formerly known as Catalyst Yogi) helps you to find your higher purpose and heal your inner child through transformational online programs. These programs use the tools of Shadow Mining, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and Spiritual Psychology. Participants also become members of a supportive global community with like-minded people that you can grow and change with on the healing journey. He also has many free resources available to help you transition into the Aquarian Age. Check the website for more details.