6 Yogic Tips to Create the Life You Want

I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve met who have said, “Wow! Look at your life. You are so lucky.” My response to this is usually the same in essence, and I try to say humbly that it has little to do with luck, but more to do with how I create my life.

If you were to look at my social media, you’d see that my life is pretty unique, and I’ve created this life as a result of much inner work, spiritual discipline, seeking and searching. I’ve travelled the world performing music and teaching Kundalini Yoga, led retreats in Peru, Hawaii and Canada, recorded several albums, written a book, and have found myself living a serene lifestyle in Canada on Salt Spring Island in BC, and on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.

I’m not listing all of these choices and events to toot my own horn, rather I’m illuminating how I was able to craft and create my experiences. How did a gal who grew up in a small town with a Jewish mom and Catholic dad find herself to be living this rich life? Quite simply, I paid attention to myself and have gotten to know myself really well over the years, with the help and guidance of Kundalini Yoga.

Quite often, I’ll begin a new 40-day meditation on a New Moon, which often attracts new opportunities into my life. Since my first Kundalini Yoga class twenty years ago, I’ve been and continue to be astounded by the magic that happens when one commits to oneself, particularly through having a personal sadhana, or daily spiritual practice. With regards to the five tattvas or elements, the quality of the Agni Tattva, represents the fire of the kundalini energy, which in turn gives us commitment, discipline, will-power, and the ability to carry out our intentions and accomplish our goals.

That being said, in order to feel “firey” and stoked to take action, we must be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Here are some tips to keep that inner flame burning so you can create the life you want to live:


Breath of Fire

This is a simple way of stoking our digestive fire in the second and third chakras (and if we have slow or poor digestion, we are more prone to illness and can feel lethargic). It also quickly enlivens the mind, so if you feel yourself getting drowsy and lacking focus, do this breath for a couple of minutes.


Surya Kriya

This is an awesome go-to kriya for me that is in the Level One Teacher Training manual and on the KRI Library of  Teachings. I used to use it a lot when I was living in Canada in the winter months, and would feel cold and get the January blues due to lack of sun. If my digestion is slow, or I’m just feeling really low energy, this kriya also helps me. This invigorating kriya activates the energy of the sun, which is correlated to the masculine aspect of ourselves. The aspect that says, “Let’s get this done!”



With a meditative mind, you wait and see what comes to you. Here is where the miracles come into play—for real. When we meditate, we bring our mind to a state of being focused, and in Buddhism what they call cultivating “single-pointedness.” We need to be clear to know what we want to call in and create.



Okay, I’m biased. I love singing. But it’s not just about singing…it’s about using your own voice and vibrations to “sing out” to the Universe. What I’ve been able to create in my life through chanting and mantra has been incredible: healing (for myself and others), prosperity, and an overall sense of peace and calm in times of anxiety and/or depression. A few of my go-tos are Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung for healing, Tantric Har for prosperity, and chanting Ma for peace when I’m missing my mama and want to feel held by the divine feminine.


Vision Board

Do a vision board and chant while you are creating it. Don’t get overwhelmed…it need not be a huge piece of bristol board with sparkle glue and myriad magic markers. It can be several images you find in a magazine or draw yourself, along with some positive phrases. Keep it simple. The law of attraction is put into play when we see and feel what it is we want to see in our lives.


Gratitude Journal

Keep a gratitude journal or at least write down a few things for which you are grateful. Sometimes I’ll invoke gratitude in child’s pose, because I’m already bowing in a posture of reverence. You attract more of what you are already grateful for and emanate positive vibrations in this state. Vibrate the cosmos!

These are just some tools that you can put in your spiritual toolbox if you haven’t already. If you put some of these actions into place, I know you’ll see and feel shifts, perhaps subtle at first, but happening nonetheless. I’d say, “Good luck” but I have more faith in you and your actions to put faith in luck alone. Sat Nam.

Sarah Calvert

Sarah Calvert

Sarah Calvert is a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Canada and Nicaragua where she leads Kundalini Yoga retreats and creates a life she loves: www.sarahcalvert.ca/retreats A mantra musician, she’s also released two albums of Kundalini Yoga chants. For more information visit www.sarahcalvert.ca