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What would YOU do on a day for PEACE?

Sat Nam 3HO Family-

We need your help.

If a day was set aside to pray for PEACE what would you want to see, do, and experience during that day?

What would this day look like if you could do anything you wanted?

As we coordinate our 27th Annual International Peace Prayer Day we want your feedback and vision for this hugely powerful day.

We will still greet our Peace Flame Runners and have our Sacred Healing Walk.

What else have you liked in the past? What would you like to see for 2012?

How should we include the children?

Check out the VIDEO below for a few images from the 2011 Peace Prayer Day.


Please comment below with your feedback or email Gurudev Kaur directly with your ideas.



One name will be drawn - from all those who took the time to comment and offer ideas - to win a FREE PASS to the 2012 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration.



THANK YOU and may you always know how blessed you are! Team 3HO