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Welcome Jaap Kaur, New 3HO General Manager

Welcome to Jaap Kaur, the new General Manager of 3HO! She brings her great sense of humor, dedication to the 3HO mission, support, leadership, and clarity of vision to Team 3HO. We asked her a few questions about her background and aspirations for 3HO.

1.  When did you start Kundalini Yoga?

I took my first Kundalini Yoga Class in 1992. I was a senior in college with some graduate work opportunities in theatre on the table. One day I walked through a graveyard on the way home and saw Jesus with his hands held open. The words on the tombstone said “Know thyself.” I turned down all opportunities on the table and began the journey inward. Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan opened me to my happiest and highest destiny.

2.  What was your first interaction with 3HO?

My Kundalini Yoga teacher said there was a camp where you could do this intense and healing yoga called “White tantric Yoga”. He also said that I would have to camp and eat the same simple food every day. I wanted that experience. That first Summer Solstice in 1992 was one of the highest times in my life. I truly felt life changing for the better.

3.  What is your vision and goals for 3HO?

It is the same vision and goal Yogi Bhajan held…reach and serve as many people as we can. True Happiness, abundant Health and inner Holiness is everyones birth right. We need to do the job right and make sure, if people need us, we are there to answer the call, no excuses.

4.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our global community?

Never forget the Name. Chant it. Repeat it. It will provide all of the divine nectar. What an honor to serve together. My prayer is that we remember our divinity, celebrate our humanness and serve each other so that we may all make it across the world ocean. There will always be challenges. We can do this together.  Let no one be left behind!  God Bless You!