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Patience Pays 3HO Video

Yogi Bhajan's Patience Pays affirmation for Prosperity and Belonging reminds us to relax and let God take care of everything. Listen or recite it daily to experience your identity as a radiant being, relaxed and present. Learn to lean on the power of the Word.

The video uses the voice of Yogi Bhajan and features several members of our 3HO family.


Gurumustuk Singh of Sikhnet says, "Sometimes I get stressed out or feel overwhelmed and listening to it helps me relax and let go. So often we are in a hurry and want things to happen right away, or get worried about something and let that worry take over. This affirmation is just a reminder to relax, be steady, calm and patient, and let God/Guru take care of your affairs."

Patience Pays Affirmation 

"Patience pays.


Let the hand of God work for you.

The One who has created you, let Him create all the environments, circumstances, and facilities and faculties. 

Too kaahay doleh paraanee-aa tudh raakhaigaa sirjanhaar.

Jin paidaa-is too kee-aa so-ee day-ay aadhaar.

Oh individual, why you are in a very doubtful state?

The One who has made you will take care of you.

The One who has created this Universe, all the planets, planetary faculties and facilities on Earth, He is the One who has created you.


Have patience.

Lean on him.

And all best things will come to you.

Dwell in God.

Dwell in God.

Dwell in God.

Befriend your soul.

Dwell in God and befriend your soul.

Dwell in God and befriend your soul.

Dwell in God and befriend your soul.

All the faculties and facilities of the Creation, which are in your best interest shall be at your feet.

You need million things.

Million things will reach you if you are stable, established, firm, patient.

Remember, Creator watches over you and Creation is ready to serve you, if you just be you.

So please take away the ghost of your life and stop chasing round.



Be you.

And may all the peace and peaceful environments, prosperity approach you forever.

Sat Nam."


©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan